Organizing the Yarn

Yesterday, I looked down the stairs into the basement where I keep my yarn and other craft supplies.  I don’t have a lot of space, but it had become a MESS.  I suddenly had the urge to organize right then.

Here’s a before picture.  Now while my yarn/craft area was a mess, it was not this messy.  I’d already started dumping stuff on the floor.  When I get the urge to organize, it usually involves dumping everything into the floor into a big pile (this became a rather big pile).  Then I go from there.  I also gathered various yarn projects from all over the house thus accomplishing the goal of also making the rest of the house somewhat more organized as well!

So here it is before when I’ve made a big pile on the floor:


I know.  It’s awful.  I am embarrassed.  Even without the pile, it’s pretty bad. I can hardly stand to look at it or to post it here.  David and Davey avoided the entire area once I created the big pile.

So I began organizing.  I had some plastic totes to put yarn and things into, but I needed more.  I bought several kinds, but I wanted to put everything in some kind of container, so I was able to find some plastic dishpans for 97 cents each.  They are thin and cheap, but perfect for what I needed.

David also put some new shelves up for me.  They include a lower longer wider shelf which doubles as a workspace area.  Awesome.

I have a new mascot.  His name is Otto.


He looks like a giant potato.  He’s actually a partially completed Rebecca Danger pattern.  He’s going to be a monster at some point.  He still needs me to knit him some arms and legs.  I have to try to remember which Rebecca Danger pattern from which he comes. It’s been awhile.  Rebecca Danger writes great fun patterns. Anyway, he’s there to protect my yarn and to remind me that I need to finish him.

I also have a Davey original on the wall.  It’s a watercolor that he completed not long ago.  I, of course, love it!


So after quite a bit of hard work, my little yarn/crafting area was complete!  I’m so proud.  David called it “amazing”.  High praise from the king of organization!


3 thoughts on “Organizing the Yarn

  1. yippeee for organization!! I wish I had the space to be more organized, or less stuff??? I love bins & shelves, etc!! I used to be very organized, but have kind of “relaxed” (aka given up?). One Christmas I asked for a label maker. When asked what I wanted a label maker for, I responded (somewhat incredulously) “well, to label things, of course,” as if everyone had the driving need to label their belongings, bahahaha! Now I’m just happy to have similar things close to to each other, lol

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