Some knitting and Davey the Pirate

I’ve been starting some new projects.  Trying to finish some old ones too, but I can’t resist new projects.  First the new – I am knitting a baby sweater for a friend who will be having a baby soon.  The pattern is called “Snug” and I am knitting it with a Lion brand cotton/acrylic blend.  It’s a nice squishy soft yarn, but it’s a little hard on my wrists if I knit with it for too long. It’s all garter stitch too, so I guess the pure repetition doesn’t help either.  It’s a neat pattern though, and I look forward to seeing how it turns out.  I like this pink!



I’ve also returned to a pair of socks that I started knitting in April 2010.  Almost 3 years ago!  The pattern is called “Spring Forward” and it’s from  I did complete the first sock back in 2010.



It is such a fun lace pattern.  I think it is perfect for a first lace sock project.  I don’t know why I put it away!  But the second sock is now underway.  I love all the needles poking every which way in this picture.




And then there’s Davey the Pirate.  He went to “Parent Survival Night” last night at The Little Gym.  (David and I went to a movie – Zero Dark Thirty.  Really good!)  Anyway, they had a pirate theme.  Davey loves pirates.  I asked him how it went.  He said, “it went really well except for one thing.  There was a ‘bubble’ on my pizza”.  I guess his slice had one of those bubbly things that happen with the crust sometimes.  So except for the bubble “problem”, it was a great time!

They made treasure maps, and he told them exactly what he wanted them to write on the back of his map.  He’d drawn a map and he had placed the treasure in a lava pit.

“Ye beware if you dare

the treasure awaits right

where ye seek”

I loved that and wanted to remember it!

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