Valentine’s Day!

Fun Valentine’s Day!  Davey had a party at pre-k.  He woke up yesterday morning and pretty much the first thing he said was – “It’s Valentine’s Day!”  It was like Christmas morning.  His party was a lot of fun.  We made his first Valentine’s Day box.  I got a box at Hobby Lobby – made out of that thin kind of cardboard stuff.  He (and David) painted it red with acrylic paint, and then Davey had fun arranging the stickers.  (Although David did apply the stickers for his name to ensure proper kerning, etc.!)



They always have an assortment of treats at their parties.  Davey had a mini-cupcake, but they had healthy treats too.  Davey is slowly getting better about trying new things, and we were thrilled to see him eat a cherry tomato (I don’t think he knew what he was getting into with this.  They are squirty!), and a piece of celery.  Pretty major for Wee Tot!

We’ve been celebrating at home too.  I saw a cute pattern from Craftsy for some Crocheted Heart Garland, so I made that one evening.  I hadn’t crocheted much in awhile, but these went really fast.



Davey really liked our new decoration.



Then I came across the cutest pattern on Purl Bee  I could spend years knitting all the neat patterns on their website.  Davey took one look at the pattern picture and wanted one for his very own.

It’s a little hedgehog!



He was really fun.  You knit the blue body part and then gradually pick up stitches along the edge of the blue body in order to knit the prickly top.  I used Brown Sheep Bulky, and it has a little bit of a halo to it which makes it look kinda “prickly” maybe. (Davey chose blue for the hedgehog body – his favorite color.)

Davey was setting up Hedgie’s habitat here.  I guess it makes perfect sense that a yarn created Hedgehog would have a yarn related habitat!



And finally, I knit little Lila a hat.  This was another fun fast knit.



I knit the hearts with a silver yarn that had a little metallic sparkle to it.  It’s cute as a button on her!

And for a non-knitting ending, I love this picture of Buster sleeping.



Davey and I are getting ready to take him to the vet for the rest of his puppy shots.

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