Snowy Sunday Morning

It’s snowy this morning in Colorado!  It’s coming down right now, and the wind is really picking up too.

Koko and Buster were out briefly.

I like to try to get pictures of Buster in motion.



Buster comes in from running around in the snow, and you can hardly even tell that he’s been out.

Koko, with her fluffy fur, spends five seconds outside and looks like this:



She doesn’t look too thrilled does she?

I like this picture of sweet Koko – standing in the snow – wind sweeping her fur back.  She’s a good old girl (who just turned 17!).



Meanwhile Davey was on the couch carefully looking at his latest Fisher Price catalog (makers of all things “village” (his imaginext collection)). <– that sentence is starting to look mathematical.



And finally, I’m just fascinated by these ears!


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