I’ve been working through some quick knitting projects.  I had 2 skeins of the Knit Picks Gloss HW and decided that I wanted to make something with each of them.

David had requested that I “whip” him up a hat because another one I’d made him (and that he wore a ton) had lost its elasticity.  So I “whipped” him up this hat out of black KP Gloss HW.

It was a fun pattern called “Jason’s Tweed Hat“.   David liked the hat ok, but it’s a little big and bulky and apparently he had more of another beanie hat in mind.  It’s ok, this hat will still get plenty of wear by all three of us.  (I did not take the greatest picture.)


So I made him another hat.  This is the hat that I have made at least 10 times.  Great pattern and if you like more of a tight fitting beanie hat, then this is the pattern for you.



Then I made a final hat.   I also made this with Knit Picks Gloss HW.  It’s such a nice yarn.  It has some silk in it and is so nice to knit with.  It’s also bulky weight so the hat knits up incredibly fast.  It would be a great first cabling project.  I think she wrote the pattern with that in mind.



I confess that my original intent was to make this for a friend, but then I tried it on.  I love the way it fits.  Perfect amount of slouch and really comfortable.  So I’m keeping it.

I didn’t try to take pictures of these hats on Davey or David.  Davey runs from pictures lately (can’t imagine why!) and David’s at school.  I figured wighead girl would suffice.

Now I am on a granny square kick.  I even ordered a more ergonomic crochet hook because crochet tends to make my hand sore.  However, I am weaving ends as I go on these 4 color granny squares so there is a ton of starting and stopping.  Ambitious me wants to make a throw with these squares.  More realistic me is pushing for a pillow.  Granny squares are so pretty and old fashioned looking.  I love them.  I’ll post some pictures soon of those!

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