Lila’s Sweater, a new project and self-service dog washing

I finished a sweater for my sweet little niece Lila a few weeks ago.  I made it with Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton.  It’s a worsted weight, and it’s a really soft cotton that was really nice to work with.  I purchased the pattern from this designer:  Kelly Without a Net.  I was reading over her notes this morning (I hadn’t looked at her blog before today since I had bought the pattern through ravelry).  Turns out she has had several comments that the cardigan runs big.  Good to know.  I’d kinda figured this out already.  I made it for an 18 month old, but here is it how it looks sitting next to almost 7 month old.  I know she will grow a lot, but in this pic, it looks like it won’t fit her until she’s 6!

9977_10200949165476019_1514459039_nBut that’s the beauty of knitting for babies.  It’s too big now, but it will fit her eventually!

The colors look completely different in the two pictures.  I’d say the top picture is probably closer.  This was not a difficult pattern at all.  The hardest part was figuring out what buttons I wanted to use!



I’ve started another project.  This is going to be a shawl that has lace and color work.  I’ve had the yarn and pattern for awhile.  I’ve been knitting things that don’t require much concentration, but I decided I was ready to tackle something a little more challenging.    Here is what I have so far.

photo (10)


I’ve basically just cast on.  I plan to work on it today.  I love these two colors together.

That’s knitting for today.  In a little while, Davey and I are taking Buster to a “self-service dog washing” place.  Only in Colorado.  Well maybe not only in Colorado, but this is such a dog loving state!  Somehow I want to take pictures of this, but managing a 5 year old, a 7 month old pup and a camera may be too much.  We shall see how it goes.



1 thought on “Lila’s Sweater, a new project and self-service dog washing

  1. do you think you could make Lila’s Sweater in an adult size? 🙂 I love it!! BTW, Longview, WA has at least 2 self serve dog wash places 🙂

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