Pre-K Graduation

We went to Davey’s  Pre-K graduation this morning.

Davey had decorated his hat with fireworks.  He told us exactly how he wanted to paint them.  We helped him, but he did most of the work.




They held the graduation outdoors at the Broomfield Commons.  It was a beautiful day for it.



Davey and Daddy.



Pre-graduation festivities included a bounce slide.  Here Davey was sliding down with his friend.



He grinned all the way down.



After the children had marched in and were seated, the parents were encouraged to come take pictures.  Unfortunately, the sun was beaming right into the kids’ faces, so there was no avoiding the squint!



I love watching Davey have conversations with other kids.  When I took the picture, I was wondering what they were talking about.  When I got home and downloaded the pictures, I realized that Davey’s hat was off.  Looks like they were discussing the hat.



Davey walked up and received his diploma from his teachers Ms. Jenny and Ms. Karen. They were awesome.



The diplomas were good for bopping each other.  They had a fun time with this as they waited for their classmates to receive their diplomas.



Afterwards we had fun post-graduation festivities.

They played on the playground.



Next we had a picnic.



So pretty outside, and we had a nice view.



Here’s a picture of me with the little graduate.



Davey finished things up by rolling down a hill with two of his friends.  They found this to be the greatest of fun.



Happy Pre-K graduation Davey!



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