Vintage Knitted Fairy

I’ve been looking at vintage knitting patterns.  There are quite  a few on the internet, and I enjoy looking at the patterns.  I happened on a little fairy doll pattern the other day, and I thought it would be fun to try out.

This pattern came from a 1952 issue of Needlework Illustrated.  


She’s cute.  I realized that my photos doesn’t give any point of reference as to her size. She’s about 6 inches tall.

The parts of the body are knitted flat.  I enjoyed that.  I would rather knit flat and seam up these relatively short seams then try to maneuver a fairly small number of stitches on double pointed needles in the round.

The little skirt and petticoat were fun.  I love the way they look although they were a little painful on the hands to knit.  I had to increase each stitch all the way down the row and even though I am a loose knitter, the stitches got rather tight and difficult to maneuver.  But I thought it was worth the cute result.

The pattern called for sleeve and neck frills.  It was fun for me to make all these little “costume parts”.

Unfortunately, the hair ruins the whole “vintage notion”, but I am ok with that.  The pattern called for large french knots placed on the head.  I tried that, but I wasn’t thrilled with out it was looking so I went for wild fairy girl hair instead.

She had pretty wings too!


I am on the lookout for more cool vintage patterns.  It’s fun to read the instructions from these patterns and see how they differ from patterns written today.  I imagine I will learn different techniques from them as well!

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