The countdown to Colorado Departure

Our last Friday evening in Colorado.  


It was beautiful outside tonight.  We took Davey and Buster over the playground.  

Davey asked David to help him on the monkey bars. I like this picture.



Buster sat with David while I took some pictures.  I call this “Man and his Best Friend”.  You can see the love in David’s expression.  (David does love Buster  – well as much as he can love a dog who is not Koko Puff!)



Davey was telling me the other day about how sometimes he sees some of the siblings of kids in his summer class.  He said that some of his friends have lots of brothers and sisters!  So we talked a little about how we have a small family.  But then Davey said “I have a brother!…A Really Hairy Brother”.

Here’s a clue:



I have to admit they interact like siblings – the love and the conflict.

We don’t have many plans for the weekend.  It’s about time to pack up again.  

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