How to Knit a Glove

I probably should have titled this post how “not” to knit a glove.  I knit my first pair of gloves about 4 years ago.  I hadn’t been knitting very long then, but I gave it a try.  I made a lot of mistakes one being that I used a really soft camel blend yarn which served to emphasize every single blemish (and there were lots).

This time I used Cascade 220 – that nice superwash wool.  I used the same pattern as I had used for my first pair of gloves.  It did go a lot better than my first pair, but you know what’s tough?  Where the darn fingers attach to the hand.  My photographer captured my frustration well didn’t he?!?quizzical

The gloves don’t look too bad though do they?  They really turned out pretty good.  But – I have a new plan of action for my next pair.  A friend advised me to pick up lots more stitches then the pattern calls for when picking up the stitches for each finger.  I know I should know this!  I just didn’t do it.  Next pair I will for sure.  Then you just decrease them out over the next round or two.  This should prevent those large gaping holes which are so hard for me to sew up neatly when I am done.

I also used some conductive thread in the index fingers and thumbs.  This is so I can use my phone with my gloves on.  The conductive thread does not blend too subtly though.



While not subtle, it works really well.  I can definitely use my phone although the extra bulk makes it a little difficult to type (I have enough troubles with this with my bare fingers).  Next time I think I am going to try a fingering weight yarn (this yarn is a light worsted).  I also found some conductive thread at my awesome LYS, and it looks a little more delicate.  I may try it instead.  (this thread worked well, but it’s very “wiry” – I ordered it from Knit Picks.)

The best part of the gloves was that my photographer agreed to take pictures of me.  Here he is:



He loves it when I let him wield my “good” camera.  He’s been taking pictures with it since he was about 3 and he could barely hold it up.  He is rapidly gaining expertise!



As one final idea for better gloves, I think I should use a self-striping yarn next time.  The stripes would distract from any small imperfections that might occur.  These solid colors leave little to the imagination.

Gloves really knit up quickly.  The fingers are tricky and a little fiddly, but gloves make me feel like a real knitter despite the imperfections.



Thanks photographer Davey!

1 thought on “How to Knit a Glove

  1. I thought of you last week at a sewing, quilting & craft festival- I fell in love with some fingerless gloves (arm warmers) that were lined in fleece! Didn’t buy them though…

    By the way, you have the cutest photographer. Ever. 🙂

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