Do You Know the Muffin Kid?

I have always liked that song except I think that Drury is one of the harder words in the world to pronounce. “Do you know the muffin man? the muffin man, the muffin man…who lives on Drury Lane.”

Davey helped me make muffins this morning.   I have acknowledged him as a little stirring master, but today he wanted to put the mix into the muffin tin.  I was a little hesitant, but I let him have at it.  As expected, things got a little messy, but really he did great.

He filled them all up.

Guess how many he ate?  We even called them cupcakes and so he hesitated, but he still declined to try them.   I don’t really blame him.  They were poppyseed muffins, and I think the poppyseeds freaked him out a little bit.

Last night I started putting one side of my sweater together.  I just had to get started so that I could get an idea of how it will all fit together.

I have had my youtube videos up on my monitor to help me.  Those Berroco videos are great.  I really learn best by watching something like that.

I seamed the shoulder.  I still need to press it, but I think it went ok.

I am now working on setting and sewing in the sleeve.  That’s kind of like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, but vice versa.  (I am sure that made a lot of sense, but that is what it is like!)

I am keeping my fingers crossed, but so far so good.  We will see.


The Mystery of The Sweater

I am working on the left front of The Sweater still.  It’s requiring more ciphering and research.  It’s such a mish mash of patterns now.  At this point, I am just looking to different patterns for guidance and then trying to figure out how best to do it on my sweater.

Like the neck on the front.   I looked at ravelry patterns today.  I ciphered.  I used fractions.  It has become all very mathematical which actually I find pretty fun.  It’s like “The Mystery of The Sweater.”  I don’t know how it is all going to turn out, but I sure am going to know a heck of a lot more about the construction of a sweater when I am done.

A smarter person might have read about sweater construction prior to beginning.  I know there are books that give you percentages and helpful guidelines to building a sweater pattern.  But I ain’t that bright.  I like the mysterious route.

I hope to finish the left front tonight.

And now in the world of Davey.  More mysteries.  Lucy, his imaginary dog, became a cat today.  “Mommy, I put fur on her.  Black and white.  I put her in my room so that you won’t sneeze.”  (I am pretty allergic to cats – even imaginary ones apparently.)  He’s very thoughtful.  By bedtime tonight, Lucy had transformed back into a dog.  Lucy also has a new friend named Fred.  Fred was at the store though.  Not sure what he was up to there.  But we are happy to have Fred join our family.   I think Koko and Timber are relieved that Lucy is a dog again.  They do not like cats at all.

Boyfriend Sock #1: Complete!

Last night I made the heel.  This afterthought heel is very cool.  It’s very easy and quick once you get the stitches picked up.  I started with this.  See this blue line of stitches is where I will put the heel in:

So then I started pulling out that blue waste yarn and picking up the live stitches left behind.  As usual, I thought this was going to be really difficult and that I would be dropping stitches left and right.  But it was easy.  I just worked my way across slowly.

I didn’t really need to post 2 pictures of this, but I just like this next picture:

Now I’ve picked up all the stitches and have arranged them onto 4 needles.

From here, it’s just knit for  5 rounds and then start decreasing just like a toe.  So easy!

Here’s the finished sock.  When I finish the second one, I will put them on for photos.  But this sock fits great.  I am so happy with the tension.  It slipped right on.

I was also pretty happy with how the inside of the sock looks.  Pretty darn neat and tidy!

There one thing bugging me about the first sock.  There is a seam running up the side where I changed colors of yarn after each round.  It looks ok, but it could be better.  Not all the stitches line up quite perfectly.  I think this will work better if I try to just carry my yarn up as much as I can.  I’d cut the yarn in places where I knew I was going to be carrying it up unused for quite awhile.  I think things may hold together better along the seam if I don’t cut so much this time.  All that yarn starts to drive me nuts though, and finally I just can’t help myself and I find myself just cutting strings to get them out of my way!

Whoa!  That’s enough about one sock!

Still hot.  We had big thunderstorms last night.  I don’t know if we had more than 85 drops of rain (as my dad likes to say), but I got to listen to lots of great thunder.  I guess when it’s this hot, the lightning really gets going.  I was driving down the interstate yesterday, and my car thermometer said 107 for awhile.  I was afraid that my tires were going to melt right into the highway.

Ok Davey just came flying down the hall:  “I tinkled! I tinkled!”  Time to go award a sticker!

Two To Tango: Or “I Could Have Danced All Night”

Started Sock Pattern #2 in The Joy of Sox – “Two to Tango”.  I am totally addicted.  I did not want to put these down, but I am down to the wire now on my secret (gift) projects.  I really like fair isle, but I am pretty new to it.  I have never done it in a sock.  I have had tension problems when I tried it once with a mitten, so now I am really focusing on “keeping it loose and relaxed”.  This seems to be working.  I am using the technique where you have one color in your left hand and one in your right.  So I guess I am knitting Continental style from the left, and English from the right.  Talk about making a person feel like a real knitter!

First though, I knitted the cutest fun cuff.  It’s got a little ruffle to it.

And now – see the fishies?

This yarn is so soft and squishy too.  It’s the Knit Picks Stroll – Tonal.  It feels so nice and is awesome to knit with.  The colors are just right too.  I can’t wait to get back to it today!

Yesterday we had a nice Father’s Day.  Davey wanted an entire party.  We went to Walmart, and he wanted balloons, streamers, cups, decorations, and games.  We settled for a small cake, candle and singing “Happy Father’s Day to you”. This made him very happy – oh and David too!

And finally.  Yesterday David overheard Davey talking to our little Daisy girl.  She’s an older girl who we adopted a few years ago.  So Davey was sitting with her saying: “We love you sooooo much.  You are a precious girl.  You love wagging your tail and eating food and drinking water.”  Sweet boy.