Two To Tango: A new Day (sock)

Cuff number 2 is done.  I did use smaller needles and now have switched to the 3.25 for the fishies section.  My cuff didn’t have ladders.  Turns out that this is what happens when you have an ssk and then a k2tog.  It looks nice and I am kind of dumb for not realizing that this is why that happened.   Knitting a second sock can be anticlimactic, but it does seem to go more quickly, plus this pattern is so fun that I don’t really mind.  Plus I am eager to see how this works out changing needles sizes around.

I looked at sock number one again, and I may have overreacted.  The cuff has dried again and it is not looking so floppy.  (plus the no ladders) The sock is a little hard to get on, but it is very comfortable once I have it on.  It’s not so bad.

Davey has been creating as well!  He drew what we consider his first face.  David had me quickly get a picture of it.  Davey pointed out the ears, eyes, nose and mouth, and he drew each very carefully.  (The face is tilted to the side – to help you get your bearings!)

Finally, Davey helped me shell purple hull peas for the first time yesterday.  I opened up the pod, and he took out the peas.  He enjoyed it and sat with me for quite awhile.  Then he decided to find out if  Timber (our husky) likes raw peas.  He didn’t.  (and this is the dog who will eat just about anything.)

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