Patchwork Sock

I was reading some knitting blogs the other day, and I came upon a description of a Ravelry knit along that looked fun.  It’s a “sockalong”.  I’ve not knitted socks in a year or so, and I’ve missed it!  The idea of the knit along is to just use leftover sock yarn.  I have some of this.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to look, but I tried to pick out some colors that I thought would be ok together.  I finished the first sock today.  I think it is one of my all time favorite socks.  It also fits great.  I used this basic sock pattern from Susan B Anderson.

I think my favorite sock to knit is just a plain basic stockinette stitch – especially in fun yarn – or especially like with this sock where I changed colors every ten rows.

I didn’t want to try to get Davey to take a picture, and David wasn’t here so I put my sock on a sock blocker and used the marimba keys to help pose it.  Very handy!

One thing I learned from knitting these socks was a nice way to finish off those ends.  I had lots of ends to weave.

I may be one of the last knitters to have learned this handy method, but I watched a video by Susan B Anderson, and then I tried it out. It is easy, fast, and efficient.

At each color change, you just take the two yarn ends and tie them in a simple knot.

Then you take the end and run it up and down several stitches in a row through the purl bumps.

Then you trim the ends.  So easy.  Finishes it up so nicely.  Looks great!

Davey had his “big shows” today at The Little Gym.  He had one for his karate class and one for his Giggleworms class.  He had a great time.  David and I were poised with our camera and videocamera.   I had to switch to my phone when the videocamera battery died (I’d not properly charged it).  So we got lots of footage and some pictures.  Here’s Davey with Mr. Nick getting his karate medal.  He loved that.


My Movie Socks are Done!

I finished them last night.  I think I say this every time I finish a pair of socks, but these may be my favorite.    I may have written that exact sentence on the last pair.  I should go check.

I think my photographer and his assistant did great today.  We did lots of Davey and mommy feet photos.

In knitting these socks, I learned that I love cotton socks.  I will knit more socks from cotton.  I guess I will see how they hold up or if they stretch, etc., but they are very comfy.  Of course those sentiments may be partially driven by the fact that when we went outside this morning to take the pictures, I was pretty sure we stepped outside into an underwater world.  It was that humid.  So cotton felt great.

Bobbles are nothing to be afraid of.  (hmm… Bobbles are nothing of which to be afraid?) Once I got going with the right knitting needles, they were a breeze.  They just require a little practice at first.  And sometimes, I would start a bobble and that beginning k1 p1 series of stitches would look terrible.  Luckily, it’s very easy to just pull that out and do it again.  Bobbles are cool. Davey calls them bumps, and he wants some bumpy socks.

I’d say that trying to get that picot edging just right was more challenging than the bobbles.  I do love a picot edging though.  I think it’s really pretty.

I love the shorter length of this sock.  I can see a whole bunch of hand-knit summery cotton socks in my future.

Rock-a-Bye Baby socks are complete!

I finished the Rock-a-Bye socks last night!  I was so ready to get them done.  What a great pattern though.   Some of my favorite things about this sock:

I love the 4×4 heel flap.  Taking pictures of my own foot is always fun too.  I still can’t get David too interested in taking pictures of the different parts of the sock.  Heel flap?  Gusset?  What?

I love this diagonal design and how the pattern comes to an end at the toes:

And I like all the greens in the yarn.

My photography assistant was not really in the mood for photos today but he cooperated on the condition that he get to water the flowers.  When he came outside he said, “Mom, the flowers don’t look beautiful.  I will talk to them and they will tell me that they need a nice drinky.”   Unfortunately, once he had control of the hose he wanted to water everything but the flowers.  (although I managed to stay fairly dry.)

So now it is on to pattern #5 “Movie Socks”.  They involve bobbles and lace.  I bought a second set of size 0 needles, and I am going to have both socks going at the same time.  I am knitting with a Knit Picks Comfy Fingering Yarn in Lilac Mist.    We shall see how it goes.  I hope this yarn works out ok.  Someone else on ravelry used it for this pattern, and I talked to her about it.  She really liked how it worked up.  She also mentioned learning to knit backwards to knit the bobbles.  That sounds a little scary too.

Davey and I are heading out for a little picnic in a minute.  He just brought me my drinking cup so he is ready to go I think.  Saturday we cooked hotdogs at “Plan B”.  This is what we now call the place we grilled on the 4th when all the “Plan A” lake spots were taken.    “Mommy, are we going back to Plan B?”

Here he is thoroughly enjoying his plain hotdog bun.

Here we are –

It’s hard to get a straight on smiling shot these days – but then I guess that might be boring anyway!

“Mommy?  Are you done with your blog yet?”

A Cool Refreshin’ Drink of Water

Davey and I have been outside this morning.  Poor David is outside too, but while Davey and I were watering flowers and taking pictures, David is weed eating and getting ready to mow.   We went outside to take some pictures of some washcloths I finished knitting yesterday.  Or they could be dishcloths or really whatever kind of cloths you wanted (except for maybe scrub the toilet cloths.)

I got the idea to do them with seed stitch.  (k1 p1 k1 p1 k1 p1 over and over.) I didn’t like knitting seed stitch with loose cotton on a size 10 needle much, but I do like how they turned out.  Pretty simple, but I liked the simpleness of it.  (Simpleness seemed more right than simplicity.)

Then Davey wanted to water the flowers.  Our flowers are certainly not going to die from lack of water.  They may drown instead.  As he was watering the flowers, he told them over and over:  “Here is a nice cool refreshin’ drink of water.”

Meanwhile David is weedeating:

And I am taking silly pictures of myself:

(gosh I am getting freckly.)

Unfortunately, these idyllic times often don’t end well.  I cropped some of the sadness out of this pitiful photo.

Luckily Davey never stays upset for long.  He shook the remaining water from the hose onto me as fast as he could. That made him feel a little better, and then he walked inside with me pretty much recovered. I didn’t take a picture, but he was happily back inside watching Sesame Street about 30 seconds later.

My Rock-a-Bye Baby socks are coming along.  I did the heel flap last night and turned the heel.  It’s a neat flap.  I think I have always done a slip stitch heel, and this was was a 4×4 rib to kind of continue the pattern from the sock.  I love how it is looking.

Ok, it’s a little too quiet.  Better go see what Davey is up to.

Two To Tango: A new Day (sock)

Cuff number 2 is done.  I did use smaller needles and now have switched to the 3.25 for the fishies section.  My cuff didn’t have ladders.  Turns out that this is what happens when you have an ssk and then a k2tog.  It looks nice and I am kind of dumb for not realizing that this is why that happened.   Knitting a second sock can be anticlimactic, but it does seem to go more quickly, plus this pattern is so fun that I don’t really mind.  Plus I am eager to see how this works out changing needles sizes around.

I looked at sock number one again, and I may have overreacted.  The cuff has dried again and it is not looking so floppy.  (plus the no ladders) The sock is a little hard to get on, but it is very comfortable once I have it on.  It’s not so bad.

Davey has been creating as well!  He drew what we consider his first face.  David had me quickly get a picture of it.  Davey pointed out the ears, eyes, nose and mouth, and he drew each very carefully.  (The face is tilted to the side – to help you get your bearings!)

Finally, Davey helped me shell purple hull peas for the first time yesterday.  I opened up the pod, and he took out the peas.  He enjoyed it and sat with me for quite awhile.  Then he decided to find out if  Timber (our husky) likes raw peas.  He didn’t.  (and this is the dog who will eat just about anything.)

Sock One Complete!

I finished my first Roll in the Hay Sock.  Yay!  I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  Ideally, I could have probably gone down a  needle size for a slightly snugger fit.  I  have a giant foot too, so a person with a regular size foot would definitely want to gauge and adjust.  (yep, pawning the gauging off to those with little feet!)  Here’s photos:

Now it’s time to knock the second sock out!

Davey is playing and playing and playing and playing and playing with Oma and Opa.  We went to Ouachita this morning and walked around.  He “fished” in the fountain too:

He enjoyed walking with Oma and Opa:

Happy Friday!

Modified Wheat Pattern

Modified Wheat Pattern – it’s fun!  The pattern intimidated me a little bit at first.  I have to pay attention, but throughout the row you always settle back to 12 stitches that match up with your k2 p2 rib, so you can always figure out where you are.  There is a chart too, but I am a chart chicken.  I write out my rows on notecards to help me focus on one row at a time.  That helps me immensely.

And bamboo.  I think bamboo is just the coolest.  Literally!  When I pick up a ball of bamboo yarn, it always feels cool to the touch.  It is knitting up so pretty so far, and I don’t have any problems or worries about splitting.

We went walking last night on a trail near our house.  It’s a paved trail in town, but there are sections of it lined with bamboo.  I would love to learn about how it gets from pretty green stalks of bamboo, to the cool yarn with which I knit.

And now a little about Davey.  We got him some new googles to wear to the water park.  He loves them.  The first photo is a little blurry, but I wanted to show how he always wants to hold his mouth as he gets used to his new goggles.  I included a profile pic as well!