ahhh Pinterest. Painting with Davey

Pinterest.  It’s awesome.  I tend to avoid it unless I am looking for something specific, because I can lose a lot of time while on that site.

Yesterday I went looking for fun craft ideas for Davey and me.  I found several.

Our first project required that we make a trip to Hobby Lobby to get a canvas, masking tape and some paint.

We began by “writing” a word on the canvas with masking tape.



Then I set Davey up with paint and off he went.



He painted and he talked. He talked and he painted.  I think he really liked discussing the entire process more then he liked painting. Although he did have fun with the paint.  I did too.  We both just painted randomly all over the canvas.



Buster rested at our feet.  He’s such a good boy.



No rules.  No strategy.



Once the paint was dry, I peeled the tape off.  Davey and I are pretty happy with the final result!



Speaking of love.  Davey was explaining the workings of the human heart to me yesterday.  He explained that there are no bones in our hearts.  Just blood and Love!