Betwixt and Between

It’s Wednesday morning.  I just dropped Davey off at his morning summer camp.  I’m hanging out at Einstein’s.  Before I came here for a bagel, I had to go next door for a Starbucks Iced Peach Green Tea.  I’ve been drinking lots of green tea lately, and this is a nice “fancy” green tea treat.  I highly recommend it.

A friend was asking me about our pending move the other day.  I told her that we are in our condo for a few weeks before we go (actually we’ve been in the condo a week already!), and I told her that I feel kinda in limbo.  She said we are “betwixt and between”.  Perfect way to put it.  I’m still here and sad to leave, but at the same time ready to go and excited about our new adventure.

I think Davey feels kinda the same.  Sometimes when he is tired and right before he falls asleep, he will ask me “is it too late to turn back”?  Mostly though he is really excited and is ready to move into the “blue house” we will be renting.  (It is blue! and built in I think 1886.)  David was born out of his time.  He should have been an early pioneer traveling across the Great Plains all the way to the west coast.  Or a Spanish explorer.  He is ready!

Here’s Davey doing a little exploring of his own at the creek in Boulder.