Tuesday Mish Mash: A little knitting and a little cleaning and Pinterest

Tuesday morning.  Davey is watching Sesame Street.  We just finished breakfast.

It is a “loki” morning.

I am working on my test knit mittens.  I am on mitten number two.  They involve this Latvian loopy fringe.  When I started mitten number two, I had no memory of how I did the fringe on mitten number one.  I had had to restart it about 8 times too.  That must have been good for me because as I began, it all started coming back to me, and I was able to do a decent loopy fringe in one try. *Knock on wood* that I won’t find a big ole problem when I get the mitten back out.

I am also starting some Podster gloves.  These are fingerless gloves with a flap that comes over like a mitten.  I am making these with the some beautiful yarn.  It is a superwash merino by Shibui.  It has the nicest feel to it, and the color is really rich.

I’ve not gotten too far because I am trying to finish the mittens and then I am also working on Hulda Holly.  I have a long ways to go on Hulda Holly, so I am going to have to find other things to say about it besides the fact that the laceweight makes for beautiful small stitches, but it is slow going.  That’s the last time I am going to say that (no one believes that for a second. not even me).

I also keep posting pictures of Hulda which look exactly the same.

So that’s knitting.

I’m trying a new recipe for dinner compliments of Pinterest.  It looks pretty healthy and hopefully will be good.  It’s orzo with chicken and lemon.  I love lemon in everything.

I have a bit of a pinterest problem.  One of the most valuable things though to come out of pinterest so far is that I’m learning about making my own cleaning products.  I learned that a  combination of Dawn and hydrogen peroxide is supposed to be a great cleaner.  Pinterest also inspired me the other day to learn how awesome baking soda is for cleaning.

An entire container of blackberry freezer jam had tumped over in the back of the refrigerator, and it had trickled all the way down the back wall of the fridge.  It was a mess.  Reading about all the non-toxic cleaning possibilities on Pinterest inspired me to come up with a natural solution as this was the fridge and I didn’t want a bunch of chemicals in there.

So I made a baking soda and water paste.  It was incredible.  Prior to application of the paste, I had scrubbed and scrubbed with warm soapy water and it was not budging.  I was thinking I was going to have to somehow contort myself into the fridge to scrape the jelly off.  Instead, I put the paste on jelly, and I let it sit for a few minutes.  I then scrubbed it off.  It came off really easily.  Amazing.