It’s getting cold!

gosh it’s getting cold here.  We had some cold weather in Colorado, but we’d usually have cold and then it would warm up to 50 or 60 degrees for a few days.  Here it is just progressively getting colder and colder.  It’s not terrible yet – 40s – but it’s cold in the morning!

I had knitted myself some great bulky fingerless gloves.



These mitts are great.  I love that they are bulky, and it’s a great pattern.  I highly recommend it.  However, they are not keeping my fingertips warm.  I am closer to the Arctic circle now; I require mittens.

So tonight I started some, and I am getting ready to get right back to them!  All other knitting projects have been shoved aside in order to get these done!

photo (8)


I know.  I have a ways to go.  Better get crackin’!