Little houses



The other day I was getting ready to start on my new scarf – the Rapunzel kit.  Not five minutes after I blogged about the cast on for this scarf, I saw a pattern for these:

Houses-porch-2These cute little house dishcloths!  I decided I had to make some right then.  So for the last several days, I have been knitting little houses.   The pattern is called The Nineteen Hundred House Dishcloth.  It was $3.00 for the pattern, and it was $3.00 well spent.  It’s one of those very simple patterns with just knitting and purling stitches.  Very easy and they go quickly.

I began making the houses with some linen that I had.



I liked the linen, but then I wanted to try them with cotton because I thought the stitches might be more defined.  Davey helped me arrange the houses into a picture, and he decided the linen dishcloths should serve as the shed (or barn?).  He set them off from the other houses.



What is fun too is that I adjusted the pattern by just omitting some rows so that I could make the houses different heights.




I just spent a few minutes looking around at the designer’s ravelry, and I found a West End apartment house pattern.  It looks like great fun too!

I am thinking they will be great housewarming gifts!