Crochet Mystery

A couple of weeks ago I was going through some of my totes of craft things.  I confess to having accumulated many abandoned projects throughout the years.  I found partially completed counted cross-stitch, embroidery, quilting and crochet.  I always think that one of these days I will return to these projects.  Maybe I will.

So as I was digging through my totes, I came across this crocheted afghan that was nearly finished.



It is a beautiful stitch that has resulted in a really warm afghan.  Here’s the problem.  I have no idea when I made it.  I don’t know why I stopped.  I don’t know where the pattern came from (maybe one of the Vanna White crochet books I had in the ’90s).  I don’t know where the rest of the yarn is. Maybe I ran out?  Is that why I stopped in the middle of a row?



I put it away and never looked back.  I wish I could remember why.

I am so happy to have it now though. Yesterday, I weaved in the ends and put it to use.  It is missing the border on one side, but that’s ok.  It is really warm, and I have been really cold so it’s perfect.

I took advantage of the fact that Davey was willing to model the blanket for me this morning, and I got some fun pictures of him.


He is King Crazy Hair right now.  I’ve got to take him to get a haircut.



He was laughing at Buster who gets all crazy when he gets into the yard.  He doesn’t look particularly crazy here, but he’d paused for a moment.



Davey found him to be quite the clown.



I’m glad to have found this mystery blanket.  I want to research a little to see if I can figure what the stitch is.  I have no idea how I did it.  I am trying to estimate when it was that I made it as well.  It was definitely before Davey was born.  I am thinking I made it when we were in Texas (and we were there 15 years), but I am just not sure.

Regardless, I think I can look at these unfinished projects in two ways.  Either I have trouble sticking with something and just abandon projects when the whim hits me, OR I am all about the process, and when the creating process is not making me happy, then I move on. I choose the second. 🙂