A few things about my garden

I am learning a lot about gardening this summer.

Not all of my plants are big and green.  For example, I think I could win an award for puniest most pitiful dill.  It’s supposed to be a weed I think?



It’s so spindly it can barely be captured in a photograph.  I attempted a close up.



It’s trying to go to seed already.   A friend told me that hers sometimes does better when it grows from having reseeded itself.  So maybe it will be better next year.  I also think that my soil may not be great.  I’ve noticed that the tomatoes in this part of the garden are not nearly as big and thriving as my tomatoes in containers.  I need to figure this out.  I’ve heard I can take a soil sample to a master gardener.  I will probably do that in the fall.

Our cucumbers somewhat freak us out.  They are so ALIVE!



They send out these little feelers and wrap around the wire.  It’s craziness.

My basil is looking nice.  I am just waiting for my tomatoes to ripen so that I can make caprese salad.  I hope my tomatoes are good and that there are lots.



It looks like rabbits or something have gotten into my kale, but it’s just David.  He goes out in the morning and gets some for his omelet.  He’s about wiped it out, although it keeps making new leaves.  I planted some more a few weeks ago so that we will hopefully have it through the fall.



Davey’s kindergarten teacher sent them home with seeds for the moms for Mother’s Day.  I planted mine in the garden, and they are beginning to bloom.  Zinnias?  I am not sure, but I love the little yellow stars in the center!


I write like I am the only one who has ever gardened ever, but it’s my first garden so it kinda feels that way to me.  I am amazed how all these things that I started from seed are these big green sometimes strange and slightly creepy plants.

I’m already planning my garden for next year!



All it takes is Sunshine, Water and Lots of Love!

We are unpacking and unpacking some more, but a person has to take a break from that.  So this afternoon, Davey and I started working on our garden. There are raised beds in the backyard, so I couldn’t resist planting immediately.   It’s a little late in the year, but I did a little research, talked to some local gardeners, and I determined there are a few vegetables with which we might have some success.

After all, as Davey it explained to me, growing a garden is easy.  All it takes is sunshine, water, and lots of love.

I went to this awesomely cool nursery this afternoon to get a few seeds and see if they had any remaining tomato plants.  The nursery is called Dusty’s and apparently it is located on a 110 year old farm.  It was really neat.

Our landlord loaned us a hand tiller.  It’s one of those “as seen on tv” tillers, and it worked great.  Davey was checking it out, but I did the tilling.  That’s pretty much the pattern we established in the planting of the garden.



Davey marched into the garden ready to clean out the weeds.  Mostly though he loved trying out his new white tiger stripe gardening gloves.



He helped me weed a little, but then Ron Weasley needed something and then there were Hogwart students needing to get into our gardening class, and he was off into pretend land.

He did insist on digging all the holes for the scraggly little tomato plants that I got for 50 cents each.  He enjoyed digging.



He also liked planting the tomatoes (as Buster watched forlornly from outside the garden fence).



Davey was focused so I was able to take a few pictures of him. I like this one.



After that we planted the seeds.  Davey wasn’t quite as into that, although he helped me a little.  By that time there were Hogwart students who wanted to buy vegetables, and he was having to explain to them that they were not going to be ready for awhile.

We had fun getting our first garden going.  David came out for awhile and took a few pictures for me.  He’s not much into the gardening thing, although he’s very optimistic about and looking forward to some good vegetable yields.  I planted some beets, kale, lettuce and carrots.  We shall see.  It’s good training for next spring as well!