Garlic Knots

When we moved to Colorado last fall, we quickly learned about the garlic knot.

Garlic knots are popular at many pizza places here.  We go to many pizza places because that is one thing that Davey will consistently eat.  So much so that I am weary of pizza.  Funny though – I’ve not grown weary of garlic knots.

The best knots I’ve had were at Virgilio’s in Lakewood.  However, the knots at Johnny’s Pizza are really almost as good.  If not equally as good.  Davey likes to go to Johnny’s Pizza because he has an Uncle Johnny.  Plus he gets to color pictures and then they hang them on the wall.  That’s good stuff.

We’ve not discovered a pizza place in Broomfield yet which makes garlic knots.  We are working on that.

So in the meantime, I decided I’d try making these myself.   So I went googling looking for a good recipe.  I happened on one the other day, and I tried them out last night.

I am proud to say that they were almost as good as any I’ve had here.  I might even venture to say as good (and with a little practice on my part – I think they will be).

These are just strips of yeast dough tied into a little knot.  Prior to slicing and tying, you liberally slather (and I rarely use the word slather – but really slather) a mixture of garlic, olive oil and salt on the dough.   The single recipe made only 12 knots (and they are small – just a couple of bites).  Those knots required 4 cloves of garlic.

After you bake the knots, you brush on more of that mixture.  Actually they suggested dipping the knots in it, but I just brushed them.

Don’t plan on meeting new friends or even leaving your house after eating them.  Make sure everyone in your household tries one, otherwise your garlic breath may knock them out. (We’ve always found that if we all eat garlic here then we don’t smell it on anyone else.  I guess that that is a universal truth?)

Here’s the recipe:  Garlic Knots

Try’em! Davey even almost tried them!

I don’t have a single picture for this post.  I should have taken a picture of the knots I made, but we ate them too fast.  Oh – that’s important too – they are best right out of the oven.