A little hike at Mount Sanitas

Today we went over to Boulder to hike at Mount Sanitas.  It was a perfect trail on which to take Davey.  It was more like a jeep trail – nice and wide.  It was uphill all the way out, but it was a gradual uphill and not painful.

Buster went along too for his first mountain hike.



This trail was really busy today, and it was dog central.  This made Buster very happy.   Buster is a highly social little guy.  He played for several minutes with a Yorkie who was running 90 miles an hour all around him.  Davey found this hilarious.

Buster had fun encounters with several dogs.



Notice the white dog in the background of the picture.  Davey announced that he looked like a pig.  Then there was a big furry Husky, and Davey let us know that that dog was chubby!  We told him that we had to be careful about our dog describing technique so as to try not to offend.  He was calling them as he saw them though.

He told me to take a picture of this rock formation.



We liked the little bridge looking thing in the middle.

Davey played in the dirt.  A lot.



He was looking for gems.  He marked spots with an X where he thought we should camp or build a fort.



David took the two above shots.  He held the camera down really low.  I love that look.


Davey also insisted on walking Buster part of the time as well.



David took his turn too.  I think he is intently listening to Davey’s story here.  Davey is explaining something!



Davey was worried this old tree might come alive and start scooting along the mountainside.



I can see it.

I took several pictures of the landscape.  When I looked through the pictures this evening, I half-expected to spot a mountain lion camouflaged in the grass somewhere.



It was a cloudy day as well.  That’s pretty rare here.  We have lots of sun, so I kinda enjoyed having a cloudy day.

I highly recommend this trail for a 5 year old and an almost 5 month old pup.  We probably walked about two miles in total.  Buster is pooped!