Pug Pieced Together!

I finished my pug.  He is a pattern from Knit Your Own Dog.  I think I mentioned that this was not the easiest pattern in the world despite a title that includes the words “Easy-to-Follow”.

In every review that I have read, they’ve mentioned that putting the pug together was not the easiest.  It wasn’t.  But it wasn’t that bad.  It did require a little careful studying of the instructions.  There were not step by step detailed instructions with photos to take you through the process.  But, I was able to figure it out with out that much trouble.  Just took some patience.  I can appreciate the way it is constructed, because they were really going for an as accurately shaped pug as possible.

Here’s his body:


Making that curled tail was not easy.  You knit a very long strip that extends from the tip of his tail, underneath his tummy, all the way to his chin.  Then you had to sew that to the left side of the body and the right side of the body.  Cool construction, just a little tricky to get that tail to curl just right.

Then there is the ridge on the back.  I accomplished this with mattress stitch.


Now the instructions say to use mattress stitch along the back.  But the way I understand mattress stitch is that you do it with wrong sides together, and than that ridge is on the inside like on a sweater.  But I don’t think they specified that instead you stitch it with right sides together so that the ridge appears on the outside, and it looks to me on the photograph (in the book) like the ridge is on the outside.  I like the way it looks although I am not sure what their intent was.  So if you want a ridge, mattress stitch it with right sides together!

The face was a challenge as well.  I had to stuff it more lightly and then fold up the end to form the nose.  I knitted small eyes and then embroidered some white and brown on them.  His face is pug-like but does not scream “individual personality” – it’s more “I am pug” but not “look at my sweet face and endearing expression”.  If that makes any sense at all!


I think I will try the Siberian Husky next.

Pug Pieces

Pug Pieces.  I know that just doesn’t sound quite right does it.

I’m knitting a little pug for a cousin/friend who loves pugs.  He sent me the book Knit Your Own Dog.  Also included in the title are the words “Easy-to-Follow Patterns”.  I am not completely in agreement with that part of the title.  This pug pattern is not the easiest in the world.  So far I have these pieces:


These are not all the pieces.  There are two ears, two eyes, two front legs which are knitted a little differently than the two back legs, a right side body/head piece, a left side body/head piece and a tummy tail piece (which is a long piece which will extend from under the chin to the tail.)

It’s really a cool pattern.  There is such attention to detail to get the pug anatomy as realistic as possible.  And overall, the pattern is pretty easy to follow.  However, I had a little difficulty with an abbreviation called PULT.  It stands for something like pick up the lower loop.  There are short rows in the body around the head (creates kind of a wrinkle for the pug head).  So this was their recommended technique for when you do the short row turns.  Before you turn, you grab the loop below on the next stitch on the left hand needle.  When you turn, you knit the loop you picked up together with the next stitch.  This prevents the formation of a little hole resulting from the short-row turn.

I just couldn’t quite visualize this, so I spent some time on ravelry and looking for youtube videos. I found one video where a person demonstrated the PULT, but the part I didn’t understand was the part that she kind of zipped through on her needles, so I was still confused.  I did figure it out though.  And it was a fun challenge, but not for a brand-new knitter I’d say.

(It turns out that in their subsequent book, Knit Your Own Cat, they substituted the wrap and turn for the PULT.  That I have done, and that should make this part easier.)

Then there is a part on the head where you have to change colors between the black and the tan.  I’d have appreciated a little guidance here as I’ve never knitted intarsia and I think this was an intarsia like area.  A more experienced knitter might have just understood what to do here.  I need to study up on some intarsia basics.

So it’s a challenge.  And then there will be the challenge of the assembly.  My next worry.  I hope I can pull it off!

So that’s the story of the pug pieces.  (I do appreciate the attention to detail in this book, and I really want to make the Siberian Husky!)

A Pug to be and a glove to be

I’m back to working on some convertible mittens that I started earlier in the year.  I’ve finished one, and now I’m finally getting to the second one.  Trying to figure out how that flap works was quite taxing on my brain the first time around.  Unfortunately, I’ve waited so long to get to the second glove, that I think it will likely be very taxing on my brain once again.  That’s ok.  Good for my brain and all.


I’m also going to knit a pug next.  I have a friend (and actually distant cousin by marriage) who made this request.  He had the book, in which he’d seen the pattern, sent to me.  It’s called Knit Your Own Dog.  There are some really cool patterns in this book.  I’m going to take on the pug first, and then there just happens to be a Siberian Husky pattern, so I’m hoping to knit one in memory of Timber woo!  I’ve read about the pug pattern on ravelry, and it looks a little tricky so we’ll see how it goes.  I think I can do it; I just hope the end result is recognizable as a pug!

I’ve got the yarn all ready!


While I was taking a couple of pictures this morning for the blog, Davey decided he wanted to water. He enjoys watering very much especially since we just bought a new hose.  We’d had an old one that was left behind by the previous owners.  It kinked up something awful.  Instead of buying a new one though, I just kept complaining about it.  So finally we got a new hose.  And a sprayer!  Small pleasures.  Davey is certainly enjoying it.  Even though we actually had quite a downpour last night, Davey wanted to water this morning.  He gave the “concrete” a little bath.


And finally, my niece was kind enough to take and send a picture of the penguin wearing his red scarf.  Thanks Mikayla!


Happy Tuesday!