Some Simple Ladder Lace

I finally finished a knitting project the other day.  I made it with cashmere (from my stash!), and the pattern was a simple ladder lace.   I had come across a beautiful picture of this scarf on pinterest, and the pattern was so simple that it was described in the comments of the pin:

Cast on 24 sts (or any number of stitches dividable with 4). Knit 2 rows Knit pattern row: K4, (YO, K2tog, K2) repeat between ( ) 5 times. Repeat the pattern row until your scarf is at desired length. Knit 1 row.


This is a very easy pattern to follow and fun to knit.  Scarves are not typically my favorite thing to knit because they seem to go on and on and on and on, but this one was not too bad.  For one thing, I was knitting with cashmere, and that’s always a treat.  It was also a pattern I could work on while I was watching tv.  Perfect as we watched the last season of our favorite show Justified.

I’d like to knit it again with a larger needle size and then block it out even more loosely.  That’s how I first saw it on pinterest, and I loved the even lighter delicate quality it had.

I look forward to wearing this scarf though!