Lotus Stitch and a Bunny (of the knitted variety)

I follow a page on facebook called “New Stitch a Day”.  Last week there was a stitch tutorial on creating the “Lotus Flower Stitch“.  I thought this looked like the neatest stitch.  It looked a little tricky and unlike any knitting stitch I’d ever tried.

The tutorial is a video and it’s very clear and detailed. So I’m making a scarf with this stitch (I think a scarf.  I’m not sure how much yarn I have, and this stitch seems to gobble up the yarn).

It’s really a fun stitch.  It is a little tricky but not too difficult after awhile.  You have to purl 5 together but then leave them on the left needle.  You yarn over, purl through again – repeat this 5 times so it is almost like wrapping those first 5 stitches still sitting on the left needle.

It’s a four row repeat and very easy to memorize.  It really is.  Seems like I always read about people saying “Oh this lace stitch is so easy to memorize”.  To me it looks like a 50 row repeat with 18 jillion things going on.  That is, not at all easy to memorize.  But this really is.

You have to think loose when you do this stitch.  If you tend to knit tightly, don’t with this stitch.  I am also using bamboo needles. It’s become kind of a quest now – will I or will I not snap the needle in half at some point?  It might be easier with metal, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be harder on my hands.

That’s another thing.  I don’t think I could make anything really large with this stitch as I have had to take a couple of breaks due to a slightly sore wrist.  I think that’s the source.  It might be a combination of lotus flower stitch and sitting at my computer grading pain.

I am using a sock yarn.  I think it is Cascade Heritage.

I also made Davey a bunny this week .  I saw a cute free pattern from Lion Brand.

You know, I always forget that the knitting of the pieces is pretty much the easy part.  This bunny required seaming, and it was hard for me to get it to look nice.  I was kind of getting the hang of it again (finally remembered how to do mattress stitch) by the time I got to the legs (I’d done the body and arms and tail at this point already).

Davey loves him though.

and that’s all that matters!

I had to go for a fun close-up of Davey and the bunny as well.