A Little Hike at McKay Lake

David had to go to work yesterday, so Davey and I decided to go on a little hike.   We made a 1.5 mile circle around this beautiful lake.

It was getting a little hot, but it was a nice morning for a walk.  We tried to stay well hydrated.

Davey asked me to take several pictures of pretty flowers.

Davey wanted us to pack a “picnic”, and – this was new – he wanted us to have a book reading break while we stopped for our picnic.  So that was fun.

Davey always likes picking up rocks and throwing them.  He made up some Olympic Competition game with these rocks.  Something about having to carry them a certain distance, but he ended up throwing them (I don’t think he could resist at all).

One of the highlights of the walk was when we met Tasha the Black Lab.  She loved loved swimming out and retrieving.  She went out a long ways!

Davey watched her for awhile.  I’m always amazed how kids can squat like this.

Davey loved being able to throw the toy out for her to retrieve.

She waited.

Davey would try a mighty throw.

Fun hike and we want to take David next time!