An Anniversary Kind of Day

Today is our 24th wedding anniversary!  Of course Davey wanted to celebrate.  He suggested going to Hawaii, but we settled on a picnic lunch and swimming.

We tried a new burger joint in town.  It’s not new; it’s just new to us.  We grabbed hamburgers and fries and headed to a park on the Yakima River.  Davey enjoyed his cheeseburger.  I don’t know what he is looking at here, but I like his expression.  He liked that we finished up with chocolate chip cookies that I made yesterday.



We had a nice view while we were eating.



After lunch, we walked along a trail in search of the Peoples Pond (I think it is called).  Turned out there is a road that takes you right there, but we enjoyed exploring the trail.  The trail went along right beside the river and ended up at the pond.




Davey enjoyed playing here.  The water was so clear.  He had fun looking for rocks again.



We want to go back out in a little raft and go floating.  It’s such a pretty spot.



A nice way to spend our 24th anniversary!