Pinterest Success

I really like pinterest.  I find so many fun knitting ideas there.  And recipes.  Lots of recipes.

I got the idea about how to decorate make my Halloween cupcakes from pinterest.


These turned out great except no one told me (and I had no clue) that  approximately 24 hours after I placed the M&Ms on the icing, the M&Ms would turn very dull and become gritty.  Gross.  So I was quickly replacing M&Ms which just was not much fun.  Next time – icing eyes!

Then the other night, I found a great recipe.  I love Mexican food + eggs.  So this was a Mexican baked casserole.  I also like finding great meatless recipes, and this is one as well.   It’s called “Mexican Baked Eggs“.  I made a couple of minor modifications.  I used one jalapeno pepper instead of two, and I removed all the seeds.  It called for chipotle chili powder as well which I’d never used before.  I like the flavor of it a lot.  It was a little hot though.  If Davey would have been brave enough to try it, I would have cut the powder back some.  There was not much of a chance of that though.  I also sauteed some diced potatoes and put that at the bottom of the dish.

This turned out great and I will make it again for sure. It was a dish that David didn’t mind having as a leftover – always a plus too.

Then there is the recipe that is just plain old sinful.  No way around it.  I don’t know what possessed me to make it, but it may be one of the best desserts I’ve ever made.  David describes the pie as having a glow around it which continuously beckons him.

It’s called Peanut Butter Pie with Chocolate Chips.

Some of the ingredients include peanut butter (obviously!), whipped cream, cream cheese and powdered sugar.  That actually is the vast majority of the ingredients.  I confess that I did not make the homemade crust.  The recipe for that included more sugar and butter.  Next time.

I will make this again when we have enough guests so that I can be sure that most of it will be consumed when they are here.  Otherwise it is irresistible.

So while I’ve been writing about recipes, Davey has been playing away!  He’s immersed in a scenario which I think involves a snake attacking a camp.