“Regrowth” is growing

I have been working on my “Regrowth” shawl.  It’s really hard to see how lace is going to look when it is still on the needles and unblocked, but here’s an idea. 


It’s really a fun pattern.  I am finally beginning to learn how to “read lace”.  I am no expert by any means, but I am learning to see patterns in the stitches.  This is proving to be invaluable so far on this project because it’s not a pattern where I can set stitch markers every so many stitches to keep track of where I am.  Each chart is different, and it is even different from row to row in a chart.  It makes for fun knitting because I really have to pay attention to what is coming next. Typically it would make for stressful knitting because I do have to pay such close attention, but because I can now better “see” where I am, it’s been ok.

For example, I am working on the “blossom chart” right now (which not only looks like flower blossoms, but the number of increases in this chart is making the shawl also “blossom” greatly!).  I have to take 3 stitches and increase them into 9.  The subsequent rows involve adding yarnovers to these 9 stitches, and then doing different decreases to form the blossom shapes.  So I can “read” to know where I am most of the time.  It makes for engaging knitting.  However, when I finish this chart, I am going to add a lifeline just to be safe.  I may not be able to “read” the next chart quite so successfully.

Lace was always really frustrating for me.  I’d get lost and I never thought I was going to progress.  Turns out, just like anything else, I needed practice.  And lots of it.  And I still need lots more practice!