Easily Distracted and a Love Refill

I’m a little easily distracted.  I was moving right along on convertible mitten number two.  Then at the store the other day, I saw some ruffle yarn.  I’ve been fascinated by how this yarn is knit up, and I’ve been wanting to try it.  The yarn was on sale and I couldn’t resist.

So here is what it looks like coming off the skein (You have to straighten it out a little to get it to look like this.  You just straighten as you go.  It’s not a big deal.)


I’d wondered how I was going to get it to look like this (I still have to play with some of the ruffles and get them stretched out a little more.):


It turned out to be pretty easy.  I cast on 6 stitches and then you just grab the upper ridges of the yarn.


It’s really fun to knit with.  I don’t feel too guilty by my distraction because I am already almost done.  I’m not sure that pink ruffles are my thing, but I am thinking I can find a happy home for this scarf!

And then a little Davey story.  We were talking yesterday and somehow we started talking about love.  Davey said that after you say “I love you” so many times, that you run out of love and you need a refill.

I was about to disagree and talk about endless love and all that, but then he explained further.  “Mommy, you refill with lots of hugs and kisses”.

I liked that.