Snowy Saturday

The sun has returned!  It’s been a really snowy last day and a half.  I think this was a big storm even in a city which is used to snow.  It’s kind of interesting driving around.  There are huge piles of snow everywhere.  It’s the most that we’ve ever seen outside of when we’ve gone skiing.  It’s fun.  Fortunately, they clear the roads quickly here, and with the return of the sun, it just doesn’t feel too terribly cold out.

View from our house:

Davey wanted to help David shovel this morning.  The timing of the snowfall required that the driveway and sidewalk be shoveled yesterday morning and again this morning.

Koko had to “swim” through the snow.  David cleared out a path for her.  I was afraid the effort of her trying to get through snow might be too hard on her old heart (of course given her rather stubborn nature, she had to venture off the cleared path anyway).

David demonstrated how deep the snow was.  Almost to his knees!

It’s time for some playtime with the Wee Tot.  Maybe some knitting too!