Pollock and Poultry

I have too much fun with blog titles sometimes.

Yesterday David and Davey went to Home Depot.  They just happened to perfectly accidentally time going when Home Depot was doing their monthly kids’ workshop.

Davey got an apron.

He built (with David’s help) a picture frame.  Davey then painted it in the style of Jackson Pollock (as David pointed out).

Once Davey got home, he went off in search of his tools and then he started “fixing” stuff.

From Home Depot to knitting – I’ve been knitting some tiny things.  It’s a little tricky, but I’ve gotten better at it with practice, and it’s become really fun.  I bought Teeny-Tiny Mochi Mochi, and I’ve made a few things out of here.

I made some chickens for a friend.

Then an unusual chicken showed up.

I tried the pattern for the cupcake.  Not sure I pulled it off.  I asked Davey what it was.  He looked at it carefully and said, “Mommy, it’s a yellow snowball with a hat.”

I made a Christmas tree.  It was the trickiest of the bunch in a fiddly trying to maneuver 4 metal size 1 needles with 12 stitches kinda way.

And then finally, little Davey helping me out with pictures.