A Very Very Good Cowl Indeed

So I finished my cowl the other day for the Great Cowl KAL.  The name of the pattern is “A Very Good Cowl Indeed”.  I really really loved knitting it with the Wollmeise.  It was a really fun pattern to knit too, once I got the lace charts figured out, so I have renamed it “A Very Very Good Cowl Indeed”.  It’s turned out to be one of my favorite things that I have ever knitted.

I had fun taking pictures of it.

I have a cold sore on my lip that feels like it is the size of Texas, so I was more than happy to once again have Davey serve as my model.  I’m glad I did, because I got some fun pictures of him.

I don’t get these more serious expressions very often.  It’s not that he never makes them, I just usually don’t capture them with my camera.

And another:

But then he got goofy and started grinning and moving in towards me.

And those grins are the best!

Yikes and Things that are Red

It’s been almost a week since I last blogged.  Ugh.  Had a batch of papers to grade, a test pattern mitten to finish, and then the Great Cowl Challenge to contend with.

Got the papers done.  yay.

Got the mitten done.  There was a slight mishap on the thumb.  It’s an afterthought thumb.  And unfortunately for me, it became an afterthought afterthought thumb.  I was supposed to put in waste yarn for the thumb.  When you finish the mitten, you take the waste yarn out, pick up the stitches and knit the thumb.  I must have just been knitting merrily along oblivious to the fact that I needed a thumb.  I was decreasing the top and was within a couple of rows of being finished when I think I tried my mitten on and realized my problem.

So I frogged all the way back to where the thumb needed to go. Set it up and knitted back up again.   I’m a dork.

Last night, I told David that the Great Cowl Challenge was over.  I was not going to be able to finish the cowl.  I went to bed consoling myself that it was ok.  This morning I woke up ready to try once more.  I realized that because I had used larger needles than the pattern called for and since I knit kinda loose, that I didn’t have to do as many repeats of the pattern as I thought I would.  So yay, it’s done.  I can’t wait to take some pictures of it tomorrow.  Here is an in process picture.  Gosh, I love that red.

Valentine’s Day and Koko’s birthday fall on the same day.  She turned 16.  We got her a cake and she was settling into a slice of it when we decided to take a picture of her.  The flash went off and off she went.  She hopped up the stairs and was gone.

So we have no pictures of her and her cake.  I did get some video though of us singing happy birthday to her.  Thank goodness!

Davey loved Valentine’s Day.  He loved his card, although in this picture he is holding up my card. He got a new Valentine’s pillow pet too which made him quite happy and then a package in the mail the next day which was icing on the Valentine’s cake!

And finally a picture by which to remember Valentine’s Day 2012:


New Shoes (that light up!) and Wollmeise

Yesterday we took Davey to get some new shoes and clothes.  Almost every pair of pants that he had had almost overnight become high waters.  So we got him fixed up.  His ankles are now covered .

We also found him some new shoes.  He was hoping to find shoes that light up.   He wanted the “Jedi” shoes, but they didn’t have them in his size.  There were “Darth Vader” shoes that would light up, but he said, “those will scare my girlfriend Olivia.”  There were some other ones with Darth Vader only on the back of the heel.  Nope.  “Olivia walks behind me sometimes, and if she sees those, it will scare her.”

So then we found some that are supposed to look like a car.  They light up like Christmas lights.  He loved them.  He wanted to put them on first thing when he got up this morning.  (This picture is not actually of him putting them on first thing.  He was still in his pajamas at that point.)

Then we decided to take a picture of the lights.  We didn’t have much luck, but it was fun trying.

“Mommy, I’ll have to stomp for you to get them to light up.”  He didn’t mind jumping up and down for me at all (believe it or not, he’d had that shirt on for less than an hour).

We got a kinda blurry shot where you can kind of see them.  Davey would say that this does not do his awesome shoes justice at all!

He’s had some cute shoes, but I’m pretty sure that these are his all time faves.

I am very happy seeing him happy with his shoes, but I am also very happy about something else.

Awhile back, I was able to get a skein of the apparently elusive – hard to obtain German yarn called Wollmeise.    The Loopy Ewe sometimes has it.  I watch for posts on facebook as they announce when they have it in stock.  It goes very quickly.  Part of the appeal, I think, is the beautiful colors and their richness.  It might be easier to obtain in Germany.  I might need to make a trip.

I was saving it to knit some socks, but I kinda didn’t want these colors to be hidden on my feet.  I was getting ready to start my second cowl in the “The Great Cowl Challenge”, and it occurred to me to try out this yarn.  I think I am going to like this cowl, and that I will want to wear it.  I think I especially will want to wear it seeing how this is knitting up.  Pictures don’t really do it justice, and it is just so nice to knit with. I love it.