“Breckin – Bridge!”

We are headed out exploring today.  Davey is feeling better.  He’s got a bad cold.  The doctor listened to him and looked at him and said he looked good.  We are just not used to hearing him a little  hoarse and with so much congestion!  We’ve got a humidifier going full force now.  It should help all of us.

Anyway, it’s a little over an hour to Breckinridge from here (or Breckin-bridge as Davey calls it).  It will be our first foray into the mountains since we moved here.  David and I went to Breckinridge several (lots of) years ago.  We rode some giant ski lift (David was petrified.  He doesn’t like man made heights.  Mountain heights don’t bother him.  Or driving along and hugging the edge of a gravel switchback road as I sat in the passenger seat and looked in horror at the bottomless drop-off beside me.)  Anyway, we also rode some alpine slide thing where we drove a small cart down some big tall track thing.  He still likes to mention how I backed up traffic for miles behind me.  Small children were yelling at me to “SPEED UP!”  To hear David tell it, I was quite a petrified cautious chicken.  He’d be quite correct I think.

So anyway, we’re going to take Davey out there.  I guess he’s probably not old enough yet to show Momma up on the slide.  Which leads me to another story.  The other day we found another park not too far from here.  There was this big slide which David and Davey loved.  I’d never seen a slide quite like it.  When I sat at the top and got ready to go down, I really had second thoughts.  I am a big chicken.  But as Davey had just flown down it 20 times, I didn’t have much choice.  So down I went.  It was fast!  But I have to try to keep up with the almost 3 year old!

This is a phone pic, so it’s not great.  It really is a neat slide.  You can go down on two different sides.

Jumping to another subject – I worked on my sock last night.  It’s fun.  It makes me think of spring.  Lots of different colors and patterns going on.

I finished the faux rib cuff, and now I am into the chart.  Before I went to bed I was working on the center of the flower.  It’s 2 colors, but  the second color is only used about once every 15 stitches, so I am so thankful to have learned my weave along behind technique.  I think it’s working great.  I just pick up that yarn about every 3 stitches and weave it in.  I need to thank the lady again from ravelry for sharing this technique.  It’s been invaluable.

You can kind of see what I mean here on this round.  Most of the stitches are kind of orangey red, but every 15 stitches or so you see a hot pink stitch.  That’s the center of the flower.

So, so far so good on this sock.  I am definitely a fair isle fan.

Happy Saturday!