Socks, a hat and an almost mitten

I am on a mission this year.  I want to finish some projects.  I don’t even want to count how many unfinished projects I have going (some back to 2010).  So I am not going to.  Instead, I am going to start finishing some of them.

Yesterday I finished my Slouched Tuva Hat.  I made it with Pacifica Zephyr DK Yarn.  I got the skein of yarn when I made a small contribution to their kickstarter campaign (It may have not been kickstarter, but it was one of those crowd funding groups.).  The yarn is 50% cotton and 50% wool.  It looks like a rustic wool, but doesn’t feel quite as rustic with the cotton.  I liked knitting with it.  Davey modeled for me so I could show the stitch pattern.  Really easy to do, and I like how it looks.


It doesn’t quite slouch on my head the way that I hoped it would.  This could be because I messed up somewhere when I was decreasing?  Maybe I should have made it a little longer given my large noggin?  Not sure, but I will definitely wear it anyway.


I am also working on number two of a pair of socks.  I actually got started on the second one almost immediately after finishing the first.  The yarn is self-striping, and kinda looks like Seahawks colors I think.

I tried to get Davey to help me model this as well.  The sock was enormous on his foot though.


I tried a foot selfie:


I am knitting the sock with the “How I Make My Own Socks Pattern” from Susan B. Anderson.  I have done several pairs with it.  It’s a very basic sock pattern and perfect for self-striping yarn.

I’m working on the second one today while I rediscover knitting podcasts.  We are having a quiet day after a busy yesterday on Whidbey Island at a taekwando tournament.  It’s gray here and was actually snowing for quite awhile.  I’m watching Susan B. Anderson who mentioned CraftStash, so I listened to her for awhile as well.  It’s such a fun way to learn about new yarn, projects, books, and all types of things.

sock-2I am trying to get this sock done so I can get back to my gnome mittens.  It’s rather sad that I put down this mitten with just the tip of the thumb left to complete.  I don’t quite understand it.  Maybe it’s because I was faced with having to start the second mitten.  I do like these very cute gnomes however.


Happy Sunday!


Arm Warmers, Socks and Pre-k

I’ve had a chance to do more knitting lately.  yay for that.  I just finished up my first arm warmers and another pair of socks.  I’ve been working quite abit on the Regrowth shawl, but it’s not evening time tv knitting.  I’ve learned this the hard way.  Twice now.  So in order to avoid tinking back entire rows, I am not allowing the shawl in front of the tv.

The arm warmers are from a Berroco pattern called Radius.  Very simple pattern, but it was fun.  I used Cascade Heritage sock yarn (I’m almost positive).  I got David to take a couple of pictures for me.



The pattern is plain stockinette with the ribbed cuffs.  There is no additional thumb work required. I like the way the thumb (or lack thereof) looks though.



I also just finished the first sock in the basic “How I make my sock” pattern that I always use from Susan Anderson.



This is Tofutsie yarn that I bought back in Arkadelphia. I don’t know why I hadn’t used it before.  It’s great yarn.  It’s made out of a blend of superwash wool, soy silk (made from soybeans), cotton and chitin (chitin is made from shrimp and crab shells!). The yarn has a silk feel to it and knits up so pretty.

These are going to be end of the year gifts for Davey’s preschool teachers.  I can’t say enough how happy I’ve been with his “first school experience”.  He has been going to preschool at our rec center.  I just by chance learned of its existence from another mom on his soccer team.  On registration day, I had to arrive early, wait in line, and cross my fingers that I was in time.

Fortunately, we got in. He has two awesome teachers.  The lead teacher is about my age, and she has just been the greatest with them.  He is in a class with eleven other kids, and they are this little unit who all play together and get along really well.  They are nice kids, but I give lots of credit to the teachers too for teaching them how to work so well together.  Pre-k just meets two days a week, but he’s learned so much and he absolutely loves to go to school.  That’s what makes me the happiest I think – that he has had such a positive early experience with school and is ready for more!