More Letterboxing and Tinkerbell

Davey and I went on another letterboxing excursion today.  David had meetings at school so Davey and I decided to head out.  I didn’t know it was going to be one of the hottest days of the year, but fortunately, we were mostly in the shade, and we finished before it got too too hot.

So we went to an area that had the prettiest stream running through it.  There were actually 4 boxes hidden out there.  We could not get to one of them because that portion of the trail had been closed for restoration.  We found the other three though!

So we set off with our packed lunch and letterboxing supplies.

Davey carried the backpack.

Not really.  It was a little heavy and bulky on him.

I took the backpack and off we went.

Doesn’t it look like he has found a snake here?

Looks like Davey has him by the head.

It’s a stick.

Davey always looks so pleased to find a letterbox.  He does not hesitate to reach in and grab it.  I have to stop him and we poke around with a stick first.

We stopped for lunch in a shady spot by the stream.  It sounded so nice with the water flowing past, and it was a such a pretty spot.  My picture just doesn’t do it justice.

We attempted a long-armed shot together.

After lunch, we had one more box to find, and then it was time to head home.

On our way home, we stopped at Target.  Davey wanted to get David a present.  Something they could do together.  He got very excited to find a game called Molehill Mania.  They whacked something with a mallet, and then these little moles pop out which have to be captured.  I didn’t play it with them, but they had a good ole time.

While at Target, I found a lunchbox in the $1.00 section.  It was actually $2.50, but it was perfect.  I’ve been looking for something inexpensive to carry my hexipuff supplies for my beekeeper’s quilt.  I have had more fun with preparation of this project.  At some point, some knitting needs to happen.

So I would not usually have chosen Tinkerbell, but it was that or Toy Story or Spiderman.  You can probably guess what Davey’s choice was.

It is perfect though. I didn’t want plastic or cloth bags, because my needles and/ or scissors might poke through.

Small pleasures.

And then everything is all packed away nicely (I’ve got to stick some stuffing in there too).

So now all that’s left is the knitting!

Monday mish mash

Today Davey told me that he wants a Surprise Party for his birthday.  He said that he wants to walk in and everyone should be hiding.  I was instructed to hide under the couch (that will be a bit tight).

Then he said that he has to start working on forgetting that he wants a surprise party so that he will be surprised.

So we will try to pull this off best we can.

I wound some yarn this morning.  Here is my yarn swift.

My hands serve as the winder.  This is actually kind of relaxing to do.  It probably saves me time, as I am terrible with a yarn swift.  I have a knack for making a huge tangled mess 90% of the time.

I probably just need more practice.  Maybe I will get one one of these days.

This yarn is Madeline Tosh Chunky.  It is for a hat I am test knitting for my friend for her book.  It is incredible yarn.  Soft and squishy.  It feels great to knit with.  I love it.

Let’s see, oh yes – Davey and I had a lovely picnic lunch outside today.

He also decided that he wanted a super squirter.

Unfortunately it was a little much for him to wield.

And finally yesterday Davey and I went letterboxing again.  We went 2 for 3.  Two boxes were so much fun to find.  Clever clues and one was in a particularly pretty location.  It was a big open area with the mountains to the west.  Very nice.  The third box had been placed by a bridge.  I think that creek flash flooded at least once this year, so it may have washed away.  Or I just didn’t find it.  Either way, Davey has so much fun exploring the area around where we find the boxes.  One box was under the ridge of a really big flat rock, so we sat there for awhile.  The second was in a park, and we looked at totem poles and walked all around.  It’s enabled us to find new fun places around here.

I could be a spokesperson for Letterboxing America!

Oh and I almost finished my second hexipuff today at McDonald’s.  Davey played at the playland.  We are in search of Smurfette, Gardener and I think his name is Grumpy?  No luck today though.  Apparently Smurfette is a hot item and difficult to find.

That’s quite a mish mash!