Introducing “mini-cp” aka Christina

A couple of weeks ago, I started on a very fun knitting project.  I began knitting a doll from the Arne and Carlos Knitted Dolls book.

When I first blogged about the doll, I posted an in-process picture.


Now mini-cp is complete.  I call her cp (aka me), because Davey has asked me to knit the whole family.  I am planning on a little Davey and a big David.  Davey also wants Buster in the family portrait.  I have a knitted dog pattern book, so I may have to knit him as well.

I am pretty excited about little cp.  She was a lot of fun to knit.


When Davey saw her he said, “Mama, your eyelashes don’t look like that.”  So maybe there is not a great deal of resemblance beyond the brown eyes and brown hair.  Her brown locks are more luxurious and flowing then mine for sure.  She is also wearing a skirt which I haven’t worn much since my bank examining days.

I would definitely like some striped leggings like the ones she has on.  They are very fun despite the fact that they may not totally “work” with the outfit.  She’s also not wearing any shoes.  I guess I could make her some for the formal family portrait.  I don’t really like to wear shoes though, so this is ok for now.

Mini-cp really enjoyed having her picture taken though.  She was not shy about close-ups.


She wanted to try several poses.  I like this one.


And here she is caught in a pensive gaze.


I am having way too much fun with this.