Boyfriend Sock #1: Complete!

Last night I made the heel.  This afterthought heel is very cool.  It’s very easy and quick once you get the stitches picked up.  I started with this.  See this blue line of stitches is where I will put the heel in:

So then I started pulling out that blue waste yarn and picking up the live stitches left behind.  As usual, I thought this was going to be really difficult and that I would be dropping stitches left and right.  But it was easy.  I just worked my way across slowly.

I didn’t really need to post 2 pictures of this, but I just like this next picture:

Now I’ve picked up all the stitches and have arranged them onto 4 needles.

From here, it’s just knit for  5 rounds and then start decreasing just like a toe.  So easy!

Here’s the finished sock.  When I finish the second one, I will put them on for photos.  But this sock fits great.  I am so happy with the tension.  It slipped right on.

I was also pretty happy with how the inside of the sock looks.  Pretty darn neat and tidy!

There one thing bugging me about the first sock.  There is a seam running up the side where I changed colors of yarn after each round.  It looks ok, but it could be better.  Not all the stitches line up quite perfectly.  I think this will work better if I try to just carry my yarn up as much as I can.  I’d cut the yarn in places where I knew I was going to be carrying it up unused for quite awhile.  I think things may hold together better along the seam if I don’t cut so much this time.  All that yarn starts to drive me nuts though, and finally I just can’t help myself and I find myself just cutting strings to get them out of my way!

Whoa!  That’s enough about one sock!

Still hot.  We had big thunderstorms last night.  I don’t know if we had more than 85 drops of rain (as my dad likes to say), but I got to listen to lots of great thunder.  I guess when it’s this hot, the lightning really gets going.  I was driving down the interstate yesterday, and my car thermometer said 107 for awhile.  I was afraid that my tires were going to melt right into the highway.

Ok Davey just came flying down the hall:  “I tinkled! I tinkled!”  Time to go award a sticker!