Davey’s sweater

I have finished knitting Davey’s sweater. I finished it just in time for the really cold weather that has arrived.  The sweater pattern is called Wyatt and is from Brooklyn Tweed.  I used a superwash yarn from Ella Rae.

Davey very agreeably consented to let me take some pictures of him in his sweater despite the busy day he is having playing Minecraft (“Mama, I am relaxing!”).

The light is not perfect, but we got some nice pics anyway.



There were a couple of challenging moments with this sweater.  I knitted one of the button bands and totally messed it up.  I didn’t pick up enough stitches when I was making it so it came out a lot shorter then the opposite button band.  I think the sweater went into time out for a little bit.  The second time around, I still didn’t get it quite perfect, but it went much better.  I ordered some beautiful buttons from an etsy seller called AnnyMay Craft Supplies.  I love these buttons.


I did something earlier on too when I was trying to figure out how to incorporate the sleeves into the body.  I have kinda blocked the specifics out of my mind.  This resulted in another time out.

Then there was also a moment where I thought the sweater would end up being mine. I soaked it and then lightly blocked it.  After I blocked it, I thought “wow, that sweater looks really big,” but I thought “nah, it will be ok”.  So I came back to it when it was almost dry and it definitely was enormous.  I should have taken a picture.  I had a feeling that it would fit me.  I tried it on and it fit almost perfectly.  A size 8 boy’s sweater.

I messaged my friend Ann.  She told me not to panic.  She explained that superwash wool stretches like crazy, and that it really needed to be dried in the dryer.  I got it wet again and put it into the dryer.  I was worried that it would either not shrink up enough or shrink too much, but after it was dry, it was back to the right size which is one that has some growing room.  It should easily fit him next winter I am hoping.   It’s apparent in this picture that the sleeves are a little long still.



Davey was very helpful.  He said I needed to take a picture of the back of it. So I did.


The light was too bright here, but I loved how Davey modeled the sweater for me when he was standing on the front porch.


I learned a lot making this sweater, and it definitely had some challenging moments.  But – yay! – it turned out well.

Wyatt for Davey

I’ve started a sweater for Davey.

I’ve never made him a sweater.  I started a couple, but one was absolutely huge, and the other had 8 million cables that were starting to drive me crazy.

I take that back.  I did knit him a really sweet little hoodie when he was about a year old.  I made this right after I started knitting again.


This time I am going to knit a Brooklyn Tweed pattern.  It’s called Wyatt, and I am knitting it with Ella rae superwash wool.


Davey helped me choose the pattern.  There are not an incredible number of patterns to choose from for little boys.  Most have some design element that is just a little much, or they have intarsia knit animals which Davey won’t go for. Luckily, there are several nice patterns in the new Brooklyn Tweed for Kids collection, and Davey seemed to really like this one.

Since I am knitting a sweater for a growing little boy, I really needed to knit a swatch.  I don’t know why I always fuss and act like a swatch is such a big deal.  It’s so not a big deal.

I knit a swatch in the main pattern stitch which is double moss stitch.  I really like this stitch.  It knit up really quickly, and then I washed it and dried it.  Creating a finished swatch makes me feel like a real knitter.

photo (5)



Trying to count the stitches in this swatch was a challenge.  The dark blue was really tough, and my eyes are not the greatest.  The fact that it was this double moss stitch did not make things any easier. I went outside into the bright sunshine so I could see what I was doing.  I had the swatch laid out on the grass so I could really see.  People driving by probably wondered what the heck that person was doing kneeling and looking intently at the ground.

My swatch was just about right on though.  I had gone down a needle size knowing that I am a fairly loose knitter.  It’s still a little loose, but it should work out fine.

I really enjoy Brooklyn Tweed patterns.  They are written so clearly.  This sweater has a “tubular cast on”.  I may have done this before, but I don’t remember it, so I will be headed to youtube to figure it out.

Hopefully this sweater will result in something that little Davey will enjoy wearing!