Picot! Dancing!

Time to picot.  I love the look of a picot cuff, but I don’t much like making it – or more I am just not too good at it.   I’ve got both Movie Socks just about to the point where I need to pick up a stitch from the cast on edge and knit it with the regular stitch all the way around so that it will go from looking like this:

To this:

Well kinda like that.  It will hopefully be folded over a little better and have a better defined picot edge.  Now I gotta figure out how best to line up my stitches.

Sure like this cotton yarn though.  Feels so nice to knit with in this horrid humid hot hellacious weather.

So far it’s fun having both socks going at the same time as well.  It will give me some good picot connection practice all at once.

Last night we danced.  Davey has some pretty impressive footwork.  Those little feet just move all over the place.  Then he starts wiggling his ears with his fingers and says that his ears are dancing!

And he danced with Daddy:

Happy to dance!