My Movie Socks are Done!

I finished them last night.  I think I say this every time I finish a pair of socks, but these may be my favorite.    I may have written that exact sentence on the last pair.  I should go check.

I think my photographer and his assistant did great today.  We did lots of Davey and mommy feet photos.

In knitting these socks, I learned that I love cotton socks.  I will knit more socks from cotton.  I guess I will see how they hold up or if they stretch, etc., but they are very comfy.  Of course those sentiments may be partially driven by the fact that when we went outside this morning to take the pictures, I was pretty sure we stepped outside into an underwater world.  It was that humid.  So cotton felt great.

Bobbles are nothing to be afraid of.  (hmm… Bobbles are nothing of which to be afraid?) Once I got going with the right knitting needles, they were a breeze.  They just require a little practice at first.  And sometimes, I would start a bobble and that beginning k1 p1 series of stitches would look terrible.  Luckily, it’s very easy to just pull that out and do it again.  Bobbles are cool. Davey calls them bumps, and he wants some bumpy socks.

I’d say that trying to get that picot edging just right was more challenging than the bobbles.  I do love a picot edging though.  I think it’s really pretty.

I love the shorter length of this sock.  I can see a whole bunch of hand-knit summery cotton socks in my future.

Bibbley Bobbley Boo

My socks are progressing.  I am getting lots of bobble practice, and I am losing my fear of them.  Bobbles are actually fun.  Every once in awhile I get messed up on one, and it all gets to be a tangled tight mess, but I just release the yarn and start it again.

These Movie Socks have lots of popcorn!

I am not sure though if my needles are going to survive this.  Some of them are starting to look like the curved mouth on a smiley face:

Maybe since they are bamboo they are working as they should with some bend and give.  (lots of bend and give!)  I shouldn’t say this but so far I have not snapped one of these bamboo needles.  *knock knock knock on wood*.

I have one more 16 row repeat on the leg of the first sock, and then I will do  the leg on the second.

As I write this, Davey and Daddy are dancing to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.  Still Davey’s favorite song.  It even resulted in some “ear dancing” again.

Finally, I  had to share this picture.  I help with the Humane Society in Clarksville TN, and they also do some work with Animal Control.  Sammy (among many others) needs a home.  I have left this picture up on my computer for days.  I love him, and it makes me smile every time I pull it up.  Here’s hoping he gets a great home.

Picot! Dancing!

Time to picot.  I love the look of a picot cuff, but I don’t much like making it – or more I am just not too good at it.   I’ve got both Movie Socks just about to the point where I need to pick up a stitch from the cast on edge and knit it with the regular stitch all the way around so that it will go from looking like this:

To this:

Well kinda like that.  It will hopefully be folded over a little better and have a better defined picot edge.  Now I gotta figure out how best to line up my stitches.

Sure like this cotton yarn though.  Feels so nice to knit with in this horrid humid hot hellacious weather.

So far it’s fun having both socks going at the same time as well.  It will give me some good picot connection practice all at once.

Last night we danced.  Davey has some pretty impressive footwork.  Those little feet just move all over the place.  Then he starts wiggling his ears with his fingers and says that his ears are dancing!

And he danced with Daddy:

Happy to dance!