Bibbley Bobbley Boo

My socks are progressing.  I am getting lots of bobble practice, and I am losing my fear of them.  Bobbles are actually fun.  Every once in awhile I get messed up on one, and it all gets to be a tangled tight mess, but I just release the yarn and start it again.

These Movie Socks have lots of popcorn!

I am not sure though if my needles are going to survive this.  Some of them are starting to look like the curved mouth on a smiley face:

Maybe since they are bamboo they are working as they should with some bend and give.  (lots of bend and give!)  I shouldn’t say this but so far I have not snapped one of these bamboo needles.  *knock knock knock on wood*.

I have one more 16 row repeat on the leg of the first sock, and then I will do  the leg on the second.

As I write this, Davey and Daddy are dancing to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.  Still Davey’s favorite song.  It even resulted in some “ear dancing” again.

Finally, I  had to share this picture.  I help with the Humane Society in Clarksville TN, and they also do some work with Animal Control.  Sammy (among many others) needs a home.  I have left this picture up on my computer for days.  I love him, and it makes me smile every time I pull it up.  Here’s hoping he gets a great home.