Modified Wheat Pattern

Modified Wheat Pattern – it’s fun!  The pattern intimidated me a little bit at first.  I have to pay attention, but throughout the row you always settle back to 12 stitches that match up with your k2 p2 rib, so you can always figure out where you are.  There is a chart too, but I am a chart chicken.  I write out my rows on notecards to help me focus on one row at a time.  That helps me immensely.

And bamboo.  I think bamboo is just the coolest.  Literally!  When I pick up a ball of bamboo yarn, it always feels cool to the touch.  It is knitting up so pretty so far, and I don’t have any problems or worries about splitting.

We went walking last night on a trail near our house.  It’s a paved trail in town, but there are sections of it lined with bamboo.  I would love to learn about how it gets from pretty green stalks of bamboo, to the cool yarn with which I knit.

And now a little about Davey.  We got him some new googles to wear to the water park.  He loves them.  The first photo is a little blurry, but I wanted to show how he always wants to hold his mouth as he gets used to his new goggles.  I included a profile pic as well!