Denver Art Museum

Yesterday Davey and I went to the Denver Art Museum (David joined us after we’d been there a couple of hours).

I can’t believe that we waited until 2 weeks before we are leaving Denver to take him.  It is such a great museum.  We went to see the special Nick Cave exhibit first.  This was really really neat.  He incorporates found objects, crochet, knitting, among other things to create his work.  It’s hard to explain all of his work, but I found a nice article on him here.

He makes these “soundsuits” so Davey and I watched a performance film for a few minutes.  At the same time though, they were projecting these large granny square images onto the floor. I couldn’t take a picture, but that was Davey’s favorite part.  He played in the square and loved seeing the image projected on him.  Very fun.

We didn’t even go through all of the museum, because there is so much fun interactive stuff for Davey to do.  There are also “studios” where adults and kids can make things.

We had fun stamping images of paintings and coloring them to make postcards.



He actually enjoyed this for quite awhile.  The nice plus was that I really did too.

After the Nick Cave exhibit, there was this wall of felt and tons of felt stuff to arrange and play with on the wall.



Davey enjoyed this. felt

There was another studio near one of the exhibits of American Indian beadwork.  We practiced doing our own “beadwork”.



We didn’t spend that much time looking at art.  If you like to move through artwork quickly then Davey is the perfect companion.  I tried to slow him down by asking him questions about what he liked or found interesting about some of the art.  This worked for short periods of time.

Before he sat down on this large seat he asked “Mama!  Is this art?”  Sometimes it can be hard to tell and he didn’t want to sit on the “art”!  Davey would have preferred me not take a picture as you can see here.  I can’t snap them quite as quickly and surreptitiously as I can with my good camera, so he gets annoyed with me.



This is another not so good picture, but Davey rarely slows down to take a little break.  I had to get a picture of that.



After his break, he had a great time playing with several other little boys at one of the play areas.  There were these giant soft cloth blocks, and they enjoyed building and tearing these down!


David really enjoyed the Herbert Bayer exhibit and we all liked the Rothko exhibit as well (it’s really interesting because it shows his early work and the evolution to his later work). I’d like to go once more since we didn’t make it through all of the museum.  Not sure it will happen.  If not, then I will make sure we go to the Seattle Art Museum!


Splash Pad, Banana Bread Ice Cream Sandwich and a Dragon

Today we went over to downtown Lafayette. It’s not far from where we are staying. Old downtown Lafayette is fun.  You don’t feel like you are in suburbia there, but instead it’s like being back in a nice small town.  I told David that this is a great transitioning to our return to small town life in three weeks.  I am looking forward to it!

We took Davey to a splash pad there.  He had fun splashing around and it was hot enough today that he didn’t mind getting completely soaking wet.



I needed some yarn too (really!), and there just happens to be a yarn shop in Lafayette.  I’d never been before.  It wasn’t the closest yarn shop to our house in Broomfield so I’d never checked it out.  It was a really nice shop called Mew Mews.  I could see myself taking my knitting there and hanging out.

While I was there (I’d left David and Davey at the splash pad.  For some reason, they never have any interest in accompanying me to a yarn shop.) I noticed a large dragon in the back of the shop.

photo (7)


He is taller than me.

photo (8)


Completely knitted by a fiber artist named Collette Smith.  She works at the shop, and I loved learning about her work.  Her website includes a page which has pictures and details about the creation of this dragon. So interesting!  This dragon is just incredible.  I was so glad that I went by.

When I got back to the splash pad, Davey was ready to go have ice cream.  There is a ice cream/bakery next door to the splash pad called Eats and Sweets.  Davey debated between a cupcake and ice cream with sprinkles.  He chose the ice cream. David and I could not resist splitting a banana bread ice cream sandwich.  Why had I not ever thought of this?  It was so good that I had to take a food shot.

photo (6)


Way too good.  Definitely “WTC”!  (worth the calories!).

I’m so glad we are spending some time “up north” here.  I’m sure we will be back to Lafayette several more times before we go!

Another visit to McKay Lake

We’ve gone to McKay Lake several times while we’ve lived here.  It’s a fun open space.  Such a pretty lake, and there are also some short trails in a wooded section where we like to explore as well.  It’s pretty open here in Broomfield with few wooded areas, so this is a fun place for us to go.

Off he goes!


He was pretending about something.  I can tell this primarily from the “expression” of his hand.


He asked me to take a picture of the “sparkly lights” in the water (something about coming here always inspires him to ask me to take specific pictures of things.)


We have a nice view of the mountains here.  We will still see mountains after we move to Washington, but I will miss seeing the Rockies.


We had Buster with us.  He was thrilled to be with us.  It’s a nice trait that dogs have.


We followed a little trail through the woods.  We debated for a little while as to whether or not we should try to cross this bridge.


We decided against it.  I wasn’t sure I could maneuver Buster across without splooshing into the creek.

David was playing golf with a friend.  He was just down the street, so he stopped by when he was done.

Davey required his assistance in inspecting some type of injury on his leg.


They determined that Davey’s leg was going to be just fine!

It’s a cool cloudy day today.  (It’s been a few days since our visit to McKay Lake.) It hasn’t gotten out of the 50s I don’t think!  I’ve been exploring crafts on Pinterest.  That is too much fun.  We experimented with tape and paint on canvas today.  We also tried a photo transfer technique.  Everything is in the process of drying now.  We shall see how it all turns out!

Dungeness Spit

Last week we made a trip to the Pacific Northwest.  David and I had lived there for nine months back in 1997, but we’d never ventured out onto the Olympic Peninsula while we were there.  We decided we’d take Davey on the ferry to Bainbridge Island and then go out to a place I’d read about called the Dungeness Spit.

This was Davey’s first ferry ride and he loved it.  We drove up into the ferry, and then we were able to hang out on the sun decks as well as inside.  It was really chilly out, but Davey enjoyed looking out at the Puget Sound.



We walked to the front of the ferry where it was really really windy!



Once we got to Bainbridge Island we had to drive for a little over an hour onto the Peninsula and then up to Dungeness Spit.  (This is near Sequim – which I learned is not pronounced “SEE Quim”, but instead “Squim”.)

The Dungeness Spit is a long stretch “spit” of land that extends 5.5 miles. It’s the longest natural spit in the United States.  It’s like a long finger of land.  Here’s a picture I took that gives a little bit of an idea.  It extends on around the edge for another several miles.



You can hike to the end of the spit where there is a lighthouse you can tour.  Families can actually volunteer to work at the lighthouse for short periods of time.  One of these days, I hope we can return and hike to the very end.

We parked and walked along a bluff on our way down to the spit.

We had some incredible views.




We were looking out from the bluff pictured above in order to see this:



Eventually we wound into the forest and began the walk down to the Spit.  The forest is just incredible.  So green and lush.



The Spit was covered with huge pieces of driftwood and the beach was pretty rocky.  I was listening to a forest ranger though who recommended beginning a hike at low tide.   She said at this time there is hard-packed sandy beach which would definitely make for much easier hiking!

Davey really enjoyed playing in the driftwood.



We played and looked around for a little while, but it was very windy and chilly on the unprotected beach, so we soon made our way back up.

Davey requested assistance going up the hill.



I enjoyed taking pictures of the light coming in through the trees and bushes.



I can’t recommend this trip highly enough.  We had a little bit of trouble figuring out where the entrance to the Dungeness Spit trail was.  I don’t know if we missed a sign maybe, but we just kept winding around toward the shore and eventually found it without much trouble.

Davey also enjoyed the ferry ride back.  He was pretty tired at this point and so was getting fairly wound up.



I have to recommend any ferry ride in and out of Seattle as well.  The Puget Sound is so beautiful and we loved seeing the Seattle skyline as well.


and finally Crested Butte

We spent part of a couple days in Crested Butte.  We’ve been to quite a few beautiful places in Colorado now, but Crested Butte remains one of our favorite places to visit.

We began with breakfast at Paradise Cafe. I guess it’s been around for almost 25 years.  We enjoyed it!

Davey had pancakes and scrambled eggs.


He was happy with his breakfast! Davey is kinda particular, so I’m always happy when he digs in and enjoys a meal!


It was not an ideal day for wandering around Crested Butte.  A little too rainy, but we don’t see much rain around here, so it was kinda nice.


There’s a really nice toy store in Crested Butte, so we spent some time in there, and then we decided to head back to the cabin.

We returned to Crested Butte the next afternoon though, and it was a much nicer day. (We ate at Brick Oven on this day, and Davey thoroughly enjoyed their pizza as well!)

He went back to the toy store.  In this picture he is playing with some building toys called Jawbones.  We got him some and he has really enjoyed building with them.  He and David have built several things since we got home.  There are wheels and hingy type pieces.  Really neat.


I liked this shot of him walking down the street too.  He’s getting so big.


There is an awesome playground in Crested Butte as well, and we spent a good while there.  They had this digging toy thing.


There was a little girl on it when we arrived.  Davey played on the nearby swing and waited patiently – for probably ten minutes – for her to be done.  He didn’t pressure her nor did he really give any indication that he was waiting to get on it.  It was sweet.  As soon as she left, he was on it instantly!

He dug and spun and pivoted and dug sand for a long time!


He loved it!  Then he met twin boys from Austin, TX.  They were almost exactly the same age as Davey.  He had a great time playing with them.  Davey loves to meet new kids. Our cabin was right above the playground, and he always kept an eagle eye out to see if there were any kids!  If there were, off he’d go.  “Mommy! Kids!”

It was a fun trip.  I’m so glad that I can blog about it. Here’s my plug for blogging. I already really enjoy just looking back at my blog from the last couple of years.  I’ll go back and read some random day about something we did.  Often, I’ll have already almost forgotten about whatever it was we did on that particular day.  It’s a nice way to tell our stories.


Hanging out in the Mountains

We had several days of just hanging out.  We fished a little with David, but sometimes when he was doing this:

and this:

Davey and I would just hang out at the river.  He loved to play with grass, flowers, rocks, trees, anything in his path.


Sometimes I built things with him, but other times I watched him play while I knitted.


Davey in action:


and of course in the squat position that he can hold forever.


And then running again!


Davey also always wants to have a “picnic”.  It can be very simple.  Just some M&Ms and a “pretty sun” can suffice.


One day we went on a short hike behind the cabins.  I have to say that Davey was “Mr Cranky Pants” deluxe, and he didn’t really want to go.  But then he began to have fun.  We didn’t go far, but it was an uphill climb. Ok well this picture is the view looking back down!


We had a pretty view though once we got up a ways.


Davey would run down and then back.


He’d come say hi.


And then off again.


We’d been talking about not being on our phones and computers while we were on our trip.  We’d talked how it was nice to get away from the technology for just a little while.  So then Davey and I turned around, and we saw this!


: )


Cottonwood Pass and some Fishing

We just got home from spending a few days up in the mountains.  David fished a ton, and he had a great time catching a ton of fish.

On our way to Almont, we went over Cottonwood Pass.  This is quite a pass.


It’s one of those kinda scary switchbacky passes where you find yourself parallel with the road you were just on (I know there are a lot of these in Colorado!).  Lots of “U”s.  Davey announced that he was afraid of heights.  David is usually not a fan of heights, but he doesn’t mind “mountain heights”.  Davey and I were hanging on for dear life, but the view was beautiful.


We stopped for pictures at the top of the pass.  It was cold!


I got a picture or two with Davey.  I was trying to cuddle close.


He huddled for moment but then broke loose mid-pose!


We got settled into our cabin, and then David began 4 great days of fishing.

We fished outside of Gunnison on one day.  (I say we, I actually didn’t do much fishing this trip, but I did do quite abit of knitting!)


Davey and I built a rock village while David fished a little more.


And then off he went back towards Daddy.

A Little Hike at Chautauqua

We went up to Boulder today and went for a hike at Chautauqua Park.  My goal has been to find short hikes suitable for a 4 year old (or as he says 4 and 4 quarters!)

We lucked into a pretty good route.

Our hike began at the foot of the Flatiron Mountains.  It actually stayed at the foot of these mountains the entire time.


Davey stopped to show me the “pollen” in this flower.  He explained that because he is small, he can easily see it.


There were just a couple of tricky parts to our walk that made things a little difficult for Davey (and me).

We had to go up a long incline at the very beginning.  Davey got tired.  It was definitely heart pounding.


Once we made it up this hill though, the trail was nice and level through the woods, and then we wound down back to the beginning.  We had to be a little careful in the woods as the trail was rocky and stair-stepped in places.  We stopped to enjoy the view several times as well.


At one point, we came to a fork in the trail.  The trail to our left had a sign posted.  I wish I’d thought to take a picture of it.  It said something about there being a lot of bear activity on that trail and that if we could, we should avoid it.  We definitely wanted to avoid it, and we went the other way. Right after that a girl came by and Davey said something to her about watching for bears.

We watched her pass and saw her taking off onto the trail which had the sign posted about the bears.  Davey said, “uh oh.”

Davey’s eyes are closed in this shot, but we had to get a picture of how he managed to get really dirty in very little time.  He enjoys dirt.


I spotted this tree.  I love the unusual bend in the little trunk and how it is standing there all by itself.  (I think the pine needles are heart-shaped.) David got a nice shot.


We wound out of the woods and worked our way down a big open space.  This is where we saw the sweet tree, and then a nice view of the Flatirons again.

This was a beautiful hike.  The uphill at the beginning was a little hard on Davey, but fortunately he had Daddy to carry him up.  Other than that, he just had to watch his step in places (so did I!).


A Little Trip to the mountains

Today we decided to make a drive up to the Silverthorne/Dillon/Frisco area.  We’d not driven up into the mountains in awhile.  It was a beautiful sunny day but chilly and windy up there!

We walked around the outlet malls at Silverthorne for a little while.  Not Davey’s favorite activity.  I can’t blame him.

Then we went hunting for a playground for him.  We began by going to the Frisco museum which consists of several historic old buildings.  We visited the jail, an old summer house, and an old general store.  We also saw this really neat sculpture.

It’s called “Repentance”.  A man was standing nearby also looking at the sculpture.  He was very disgusted because he said someone had broken off and stolen the arrow from the bear’s backside. Apparently, the story goes that the young boy had shot the bear in the backside with an arrow.  Here they stand face to face and the boy apologizes.  I love the expression on the little boy’s face.

We then drove around a little more and found a really nice playground by the Frisco Marina.  Davey had a great time.

I started talking to a nice lady there, and she told us about a lookout point between Frisco and Dillon via the mountain road (instead of the interstate).  It included an approximately 1/2 mile trail with some incredible views and the possibility of a tipi.  We thought this sounded really fun.

It was a perfect short hike for Davey!

It was really beautiful up there.

And we found a kind of tipi constructed from the dead trees.  I think the pine beetle has wreaked havoc in parts of the forests up there.

Now we are back home and it’s time to get Davey tucked in!

Back from a trip

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without blogging in awhile.  Don’t like it!  I miss it!

We just got home from a week long trip to Arkansas and Oklahoma.  Great trip seeing family and some friends, but we are glad to be home.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting my friends at the knitting shop in Arkansas.  This is where I relearned to knit, got really interested (really really) in it, and made some great friends doing it.

I tried to get a picture of smiling Davey  in front of the store sign.  He was not interested.

Another favorite Davey picture moment – in which he looks rather frightened – but he’s not.  He went for a short boat ride with his Uncle Johnny.  Johnny is right there getting the boat ready.  Davey is not sailing away alone, although it does look kinda like it.

The pink is lovely on him isn’t it!  We didn’t have a lifejacket for him but we were fortunately able to borrow one.  He had a great time.

He also got to mow with his great uncle.  It appears that he might be headed straight into a tree or something from the looks of his expression in this photo.

Gotta get this thing turned! (He was steering and was taking it very seriously!)

And there were laughing pictures too like this one. He was having much fun with his cousin Adilyn while David pushed them on the swing.

And then sometimes Davey had just had enough of the pictures already!