St Patrick’s Day 2013

It’s been almost a week since St Patrick’s Day, but I wanted to post a few pictures about the fun things we did.

Davey was all into St Patrick’s Day this year.  He wanted to have a “party” so we decided on a craft and a green treat to make together.

Pinterest came in really handy for this, and we settled on making a rainbow and pot of gold.  This involved Froot Loops and goldfish.  And glue.


I sorted Froot Loops.  David applied glue, and Davey attached the Froot Loops (well a lot of them).

This final result was cute!


Within about 5 minutes of the completion of the pot of gold(fish), Buster jumped up and ate about 3 of the goldfish.  That was his contribution.

We made green cookies too.  This was a really easy recipe which involved sugar cookie mix, andes mints and chocolate chips.


Davey refused to try a cookie.  I’ve realized he is somewhat of a purist (have to put a positive spin on his particular eating habits).  He likes sugar cookies, Andes mints, and chocolate chips – but he does not like them all mixed together.  Davey is not a fan of mixtures of any type.  (and of course the cookies were green – maybe not a selling point either!) But sugar-laden cookies -not a bad idea to refuse anyway!


I like this close up of him.


And then a short Buster story.  Buster is almost 6 months old and of course he likes to chew things.  He is in love with this Superman (who is about 3 inches tall?).


He will dig it specifically out of a tote with about 40 of these little guys.  I tested him.  He got it, and I took it away and reburied it in the bottom of the tote.  A minute later, he had found Superman and was carrying him across the room.  It’s all about the cape I think.  He was ready to annihilate the cape.   Superman is safely put away though.  For now.

Walking in the snow and a little crochet

We had some snow the last couple of days, so today Davey, Buster and I went for a walk.  It’s pretty cold, but the sun was shining so we were ok for awhile.

Davey always loves the opportunity to throw a snowball at me.

photo (2)


He was pretending some superhero something all down the trail.  It involved picking up snow and throwing it on the ground in a very “Hulk Smash”-like manner.

Love the stance!

photo (4)


(I was cropping me and Buster out of the pic.  It’s hard to completely crop out those ears though!)

Buster is always wondering what Davey is up to.  They are pals for sure.

photo (1)



And then I was playing around again with trying to embellish the black fingerless gloves I made.  I tried sashiko, embroidered some little people, made some embroidered hearts and tried to applique them – then I pulled each attempt out.  It’s a wonder my gloves haven’t fallen apart.  So today I crocheted a little.  Davey liked my flower, but he said it needed “grass”.  So I chained a row of chain stitches and sewed them down around the wrist.  Davey was happy with the grass.  I kinda like this flower.  I really like that bright flowery embroidery, and this reminds me of that.  I may leave this decorative attempt intact.



I enjoy a little crochet here and there, but now I am back to a pair of socks I am working on.  Finished one yesterday, and I marched right into the second one – no hesitation! (Just a plain sock in a really pretty yarn from Debbie Macomber.  I had bought it back in Arkadelphia at the best yarn shop ever – Knit Unto Others.  I think it might be this yarn.  It’s really soft and knitted up really pretty.  I’ll have to post a picture soon.)

Valentine’s Day!

Fun Valentine’s Day!  Davey had a party at pre-k.  He woke up yesterday morning and pretty much the first thing he said was – “It’s Valentine’s Day!”  It was like Christmas morning.  His party was a lot of fun.  We made his first Valentine’s Day box.  I got a box at Hobby Lobby – made out of that thin kind of cardboard stuff.  He (and David) painted it red with acrylic paint, and then Davey had fun arranging the stickers.  (Although David did apply the stickers for his name to ensure proper kerning, etc.!)



They always have an assortment of treats at their parties.  Davey had a mini-cupcake, but they had healthy treats too.  Davey is slowly getting better about trying new things, and we were thrilled to see him eat a cherry tomato (I don’t think he knew what he was getting into with this.  They are squirty!), and a piece of celery.  Pretty major for Wee Tot!

We’ve been celebrating at home too.  I saw a cute pattern from Craftsy for some Crocheted Heart Garland, so I made that one evening.  I hadn’t crocheted much in awhile, but these went really fast.



Davey really liked our new decoration.



Then I came across the cutest pattern on Purl Bee  I could spend years knitting all the neat patterns on their website.  Davey took one look at the pattern picture and wanted one for his very own.

It’s a little hedgehog!



He was really fun.  You knit the blue body part and then gradually pick up stitches along the edge of the blue body in order to knit the prickly top.  I used Brown Sheep Bulky, and it has a little bit of a halo to it which makes it look kinda “prickly” maybe. (Davey chose blue for the hedgehog body – his favorite color.)

Davey was setting up Hedgie’s habitat here.  I guess it makes perfect sense that a yarn created Hedgehog would have a yarn related habitat!



And finally, I knit little Lila a hat.  This was another fun fast knit.



I knit the hearts with a silver yarn that had a little metallic sparkle to it.  It’s cute as a button on her!

And for a non-knitting ending, I love this picture of Buster sleeping.



Davey and I are getting ready to take him to the vet for the rest of his puppy shots.

A Treasure Map and Bust”ears”

I wrote about Davey’s treasure map creation at his Little Gym camp last week.  Since then we’ve had lots of pirate activities.  We decided to draw a treasure map at home.  Davey insisted that the paper be off-white for that aged map look.  The three of us worked together and came up with a fun map.

I like to watch Davey’s little hands draw.



He was pretty pleased with this skull that he was working on. This became an additional project to go along with the map.



The final result.



Then there’s Buster or “Bust-ears” as we’ve started to call him.  He’s always making Davey laugh.



His ears are ever-growing.  You can’t help but smile when you see those ears!


Some knitting and Davey the Pirate

I’ve been starting some new projects.  Trying to finish some old ones too, but I can’t resist new projects.  First the new – I am knitting a baby sweater for a friend who will be having a baby soon.  The pattern is called “Snug” and I am knitting it with a Lion brand cotton/acrylic blend.  It’s a nice squishy soft yarn, but it’s a little hard on my wrists if I knit with it for too long. It’s all garter stitch too, so I guess the pure repetition doesn’t help either.  It’s a neat pattern though, and I look forward to seeing how it turns out.  I like this pink!



I’ve also returned to a pair of socks that I started knitting in April 2010.  Almost 3 years ago!  The pattern is called “Spring Forward” and it’s from  I did complete the first sock back in 2010.



It is such a fun lace pattern.  I think it is perfect for a first lace sock project.  I don’t know why I put it away!  But the second sock is now underway.  I love all the needles poking every which way in this picture.




And then there’s Davey the Pirate.  He went to “Parent Survival Night” last night at The Little Gym.  (David and I went to a movie – Zero Dark Thirty.  Really good!)  Anyway, they had a pirate theme.  Davey loves pirates.  I asked him how it went.  He said, “it went really well except for one thing.  There was a ‘bubble’ on my pizza”.  I guess his slice had one of those bubbly things that happen with the crust sometimes.  So except for the bubble “problem”, it was a great time!

They made treasure maps, and he told them exactly what he wanted them to write on the back of his map.  He’d drawn a map and he had placed the treasure in a lava pit.

“Ye beware if you dare

the treasure awaits right

where ye seek”

I loved that and wanted to remember it!

Mis-Adventures in Embroidery

I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate embroidery into my knitting.  I embroidered on some fingerless mittens awhile back, and I kinda liked how they turned out, but I wanted to work on this some more.

I got the bright idea that I’d like to try Sashiko on my knitting.   So I knitted some black fingerless mitts.



Sashiko is a type of Japanese running stitch.  So first I used my paper template as I had done in the past.



Here’s the result.



First of all, I’m not thrilled with my technique.  It’s uneven looking.  Also, one false move and you can pull out an entire line of stitches.  So I yanked it out.  This was entirely too easy to do.

Next I found a pattern from Sublime Stitching that I thought I’d try out.



Again, my technique is uneven.  I like the looks of the little girl better than the little boy.  (I do also like the idea of the little boy on one mitt and the little girl on the other though!) I used the paper template once again, and it is just hard as heck for me to see what I am doing.  When I am stitching through the paper, the stitches seem even and nice, but when I pull the paper off, the stitches don’t look so nice.  I need practice.  I do need the paper template though because I need some type of stabilizer.  I just need to improve on my technique.

So then I had one more idea.  I’d make a potholder and embroider on it.  I used Brown Sheep Bulky and made two squares which I seamed together (after I embroidered on one of them).  I asked Davey to write down his name for me.  (He’s still working on perfecting his technique as well!)  Then I took a picture of it, printed it out, and used it as my template.  Here is the result.  I actually do like this.  I used yarn as my embroidery thread, and I think this is what I will try next time (instead of the too slick floss).





Embroidered Mary Janes

A month or so ago, I knitted and embroidered these little booties.  I really like the idea of embroidering on knitting, and so I have been experimenting.  I did not take notes or immediately document on ravelry that these were in process, so I can’t remember which Mary Jane pattern I knitted.  There are several nice ones on ravelry though – free too.  I knitted one of those patterns  I’m not real happy about my memory sometimes.

I used just the regular DMC embroidery floss.  I used all six strands. (six right?)



I just kinda of played around with the lazy daisy stitch and meandered around the booties.




I sent them to my little niece Lila whose feet are rapidly growing.  They were cute on her, but I am thinking they won’t fit long.  I would guess that they no longer fit now, but I think they are kind of fun to look at and remember that her feet were once that size for just a little while.


As Seen on TV…Press Dough!

Press Dough!  Davey had seen this commercial a bunch of times on Sprout.  He loves to play with Playdoh, and so the idea of playdoh as real dough that you could bake and eat?  Sounded great to him!

He kept asking me to get it for him, and so I did.  As an added bonus – “if you buy now!”  – we got 2 for the price of one!

So it finally arrived, and Davey was ready to try it out.

I may have not gotten the dough just right.  I refrigerated it for awhile so it would get firm, but it still wasn’t easy to work with.  I’m no expert with cookie cutters; I sometimes find it hard to use them myself.  He liked the flour shaker which the instructions insisted was very important.  We were supposed to liberally sprinkle the molds with flour.

Davey liked playing with it for awhile, but it was kinda hard to get anything to work quite right.  It was kind of a mess.  Davey is definitely not a tidy kid much of the time, but he (like his daddy) does not like a mess.  This was a little messy!

It was his first experience with the “as seen on tv” product.  Not always quite what you think it’s going to be.

I think he’s back to Playdoh.

Koko wanted to check this all out too.  I think she smelled the dough.


Koko may be an old girl, but her nose still works like a charm.  I had to get the crooked mouth face.  She’s been doing that forever.

Quiet Sunday Afternoon

Davey and I are going to head to the Farmer’s Market in a little while.  There is a Sunday one right by our house.  I went this morning and got an assortment of vegetables.  I also met a lady who makes bags with fabric that is made from organic hemp and cotton.  Then she paints them with pictures of mainly Colorado flowers.  They are really pretty, but we are going to buy a “blank” bag and some paint and paint it ourselves.  I’d like to have a knitting bag with Davey’s artwork painted on it.  I’ll have to post pictures.  Davey is willing to accompany me because I mentioned that there is a booth where they are selling cupcakes.  David put in an order for one as well.

I’m about to finish my convertible mittens.  Maybe today.  I think argyle may also be in my near future. I have a good friend who likes argyle socks.  I’ve never taken on argyle – or really any intarsia – so I am going to give it a try soon.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Davey had a pirate theme last week at Little Gym.  He went to a camp and then a class and then to a parent survival night, so he participated in several pirate-themed activities.  He loved it and wanted to continue the pirate party at home.  Yesterday he wanted us to have a pirate pizza party and a treasure hunt.  He and David drew a treasure map and went on a treasure hunt.  Davey and I made pirate hats.  We found an easy template here: Pirate Hat. I printed it and cut it out, and then Davey wanted to color it.  He made a black one for himself, a pink one for me, and a blue one for David.

We were quite the pirate family!

“Loki” and More Embroidery

Awhile back, we somehow introduced the words low key to Davey.  I can’t quite remember the context, but it must have had something to do with having a quiet day at home.  Davey adopted that word, and now he loves to use it frequently.

“Davey, do you want to go to the grocery store with me?”

“No Mommy, I am feeling like staying home and being Loki today.”

He pronounces low key in the same way he pronounces the name of Thor’s brother.

So today we were pretty Loki.  David and Davey left home briefly to go participate in the monthly Home Depot craft – they built a barn piggy bank – or maybe a barn bank?

Davey also wore his new hat a bunch today.  At first, he liked to pretend that the fire from the embroidered rocket was too hot, and he’d have to take it off.  But then after awhile he left it on.  He wanted me to add some embroidery to the hat.

“Mommy, put on that ray gun design.”

“And a flower.  Mommy I want a flower on there!”

I tried one of those less flowery looking flowers from my page of “Fantasy Flowers” patterns.

He liked the spaceship very much (yikes just noticed how blurry this pic is).

I practiced my embroidery skills and Davey is very happy with his hat!