Getting back to it.

Christmas is over, and we have had our New Year’s celebration.  Yesterday, David and I started back to school.  I am teaching literature this semester, so I am happy as a clam.

I made some knitting resolutions, but I haven’t made many other ones.  I did start doing a pilates video.  It’s fun.  I always say that I need to “get me some core”.  I have little core strength.

Davey calls it various things, mostly he likes to say spillates. He also likes to hold my hand while we do some of the exercises together.   He even offers words of encouragement:  “Mommy!  You are doing so good at that!”  So sweet – he apparently ignores the fact that I have about 1/10 of the flexibility of the ladies on the video.

As I type this, he is on the other computer playing Mickey Mouse games.  I know children pick up on using the computer really easily, but the sight of him gazing at the computer screen while his little hand moves that mouse around is just amazing to me.

It’s about time to get him off the computer though and head to “tum tum tumbling” as we always call it.

The back of The Sweater is almost done.  Gosh a man’s XL makes for a big back.  I love knitting with this yarn though.  It’s so soft and nice to knit with.  I also love watching the patterns emerge.   I am hoping to finish the back today.

The snow is melting.  It has stuck around for quite awhile since it has been so cold.  Davey doesn’t get tired of it.  We throw the snow boots on and off he goes.



I really want to knit this sweater.  I think I must be a little crazy.

Here is why I think I am crazy.  The sweater is knit with laceweight yarn.  Laceweight.  With Size 2 needles.  I don’t know that I would like this sweater on me, but I could find someone it would look good on.  (This may involve finding the smallest person I know.)  I just really like it.  I’ve always been interested in the idea of knitting a sweater with a really light yarn.  I’d thought more maybe fingering weight, but LACE weight?  I’ll think about it some more.  Besides that, it’s time to get going on THE SWEATER.

I am reading a really interesting book about a lady who documents her year long process of knitting a very complex sweater.  She also interviews many well known knitting bloggers (at least well known to knitters who read such things.  Like me.), and she shares quite abit of knitting history.  So somewhere in this book she writes that the idea of knitting a fair isle garment flat, instead of in the round, is “exceptionally silly.”  The pattern I found is fair isle knitted flat.  I tend to agree with that so this has had me flusterated, as Davey says.  But, I am going to just give it awhirl and see how it goes.  It may be fine.  I am already trying to substitute my colorwork for what is on the sweater.  I really don’t want to have to figure out how to knit the pattern in the round as well.  Especially since I am not the most experienced sweater knitter in the world.   I plan to cast on today.  I hope.

Finally, Davey went to a 3 hour camp at the Little Gym today.  He had a big time.  I went to the mall across the street and spend a few hours knitting and reading in Panera and then Borders.  We hadn’t both left Davey since we moved here, and I don’t leave him much anyway, so it always kind of leaves me anxious just the entire time he is away from me.  I am going to have to work on that.

So I returned about 10 minutes early to pick him up.  He saw me through the glass and ran towards me as fast as he could.  He had a very anxious expression. I could hear him yelling through the glass, “No Mommy, can’t you leave for a little while longer?  I am not ready!”  I assured him that I was going to sit and knit and we didn’t have to leave yet.  Back he went.  They were playing with bouncing balls and Miss Heather was blowing bubbles.  Then they did a fun crazy dance which was hilarious to watch.

There was a boy doing his own thing.  This consisted of rolling himself  up inside a long mat so that he was like the inside of a burrito.  I saw Davey walk over to him.  This boy was about 6 I think.  Davey spoke to him for a moment and then walked away.

When I picked Davey up, I asked him what he was talking to the boy about.  “I was telling him not to be a cheater!”  I didn’t realize that Davey knew what a cheater was.  Apparently, he’d learned that at camp.  I asked him what the boy was doing that was cheating?  “Mommy.  I don’t want to talk about that.”  Also, “Mommy, don’t ask me that.” I got a lot of this, but eventually through my sporadic persistence, he talked to me about his day.  Apparently the boy had pronounced himself to be a cheater.  Davey did not like this.  Not one bit.


Dam Beavers. I mean Beaver Dams!

I know.  Dumb joke!  I never get tired of that joke.  Or as David might call them:  Beaver Darns!

This afternoon we took Davey over to see a beaver dam.  David runs by it on his trail run, and we’ve been wanting to see it.  I am really fascinated by beaver dams.  Beavers are a hardworking bunch.  This was a dam.  A multi-generational big dam building family.  (I know.  I can’t help myself.)

We saw trees that had been chewed down by beavers – but they looked like they’d been chewed down a LONG time ago.  Here’s their result.

And here is their Lodge!


Davey liked it too.  He wanted to throw rocks.  The rocks hitting the water probably sounded like big sonic booms to the poor beavers.  (They have very keen ears!)  We tried to discourage this.

Davey really just wanted to run.  That boy loves to run.  He and Daddy ran way ahead of me.

Then he ran back to me all the while yelling, “Mommy!  Can you Hear me?”  It’s hard to get this little running blur in focus!

And then he was thirsty.  Very thirsty.


I am  having a fun birthday on another Spring-like day in Denver.  It’s beautiful outside!  We just had cake a little while ago and opened presents.

Timber is always hanging out in the background.  For some reason, I guess he thought the cake was his.  He’s nuts about baked goods.

I changed my blog header today for a celebration of winter.  Not snow.  I won’t start complaining about that again.  I bought this pattern from my favorite tiny creature knitter Mochimochi.  This pattern was very fun.  These little snowmen are only about an inch and a half tall.  Teeny little guys.  I altered the pattern abit.  Now that I’ve learned magic loop, I try to apply it everywhere I can.  For me it was much easier to have 8 fingering weight stitches arranged on the long circular needle then to balance them on 3 double points.  I am just not very good at that.  Also, I don’t know if it is because I did use magic loop, but my increases looked much better when I did kfb then when I used m1.  Maybe I need to review on how to properly do a make 1, but I couldn’t get it to look too nice.

I love these little goofy snowman.  The poor guy in the orangey colored scarf is really kinda wonky, but I love him anyway.

Davey and I made Christmas cookies yesterday.  Davey is a very good chocolate chip placer.  He was very focused.

He also helped me decorate.  He was being silly here.

He is a very good sprinkler!

Ok I think it’s time to go outside with Davey for abit.  Once the sun starts to drop, it does get cold in a hurry!

Happy Monday!

Alpaca, Cinnamon Caps and Lions’ Manes

Yesterday we visited a great Farmer’s Market in Ft. Collins.   There were people selling honey, eggs, wine, cheese, and some vegetables.  There was also a group there from two local alpaca ranches.  We enjoyed talking to them and plan to go tour a ranch maybe in the spring.  The alpacas are beautiful.

I bought some yarn.  My yarn is a 2-ply from two Alpacas:  Angel and Wyoming.

It’s really soft.  I am not sure what I will make with it yet.  David says a hat with earflaps would be neat with it.  Maybe a shawlette?  It will have to wait for awhile.  Too many projects ahead of it.

Then we bought mushrooms.  They were organic and these guys grow them in storage sheds.  I learned that I know nothing about mushrooms.  I bought 2 kinds.  Cinnamon Caps and Lion’s Mane mushrooms.

The Lion’s Mane mushrooms look like cauliflower.  The Cinnamon Cap ones came in a big bunch and were a little scary.  The big meaty bite of a mushroom kind of freaks me out a little anyway.  But these were so good!  I sauteed them with zucchini in butter and a little olive oil.

I was about done eating mine, when it occurred to us that maybe I should have made sure they were actually edible.  Wouldn’t that be a great story?  The psychopath who travels from farmer’s market to market selling poisonous mushrooms to unsuspecting buyers?  Well they were both edible.  In fact, Lion’s Mane mushrooms are supposed to be very good for you.  The Chinese recommend them for all kinds of ailments.  There’s been research done lately that they may combat against dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Anything to preserve the brain cells I have – I am going to see if I can find them at one of the health food stores here.  They were delicious too.

It goes without saying that Davey did not try one.  When we were at the market, the guy gave Davey a Cinnamon Cap and told him he could take a bite.  I saw that Davey’s nostrils immediately flared, and he looked fairly creeped out by the idea.  I can’t blame him.  Eating a raw mushroom has never been my favorite either.

Ok back to Christmas preparations.  We baked cookies.  Now I am off to buy some yarn.  David’s brother wants a hat.  So I’ve got to go get some yarn.  Such a hardship – having to go to the yarn shop!  Davey loves this shop.  They are very nice to children and have a great little play area.

Ft. Collins, a dog, and cookies!

We went to explore Ft. Collins today.  We’ve decided we really like it there.  They have this historic Old Town area which was really fun.  It was really cold outside, but we bundled up and Davey was ready to stroll.  There was an ice skating rink.  We watched people skate.  Santa was in his house, and the kids were lined up in a line that extended outside way beyond the door.  Davey is not real hot on approaching Santa this year.  David told him that he’d email Santa instead.  Davey wants a bicycle, and he wanted Santa to know.

I loved this big sculpture/rock thing with the ice all not flowing down.

We stopped at a local Mexican place to eat and warm up.  Davey told me his nose was so cold!

There was no story on this picture. I  just really like it.

After we had lunch, we walked around some more.  Davey wanted ice cream.  The thought of eating ice cream made me even more cold, so he agreed that a cookie sounded good too.  I’d heard about some good yarn shops in Ft. Collins, so I was looking it up on my phone as we walked towards Mary’s Mountain Cookies.   Suddenly, I feel this pain on my leg.  I look down and there’s this dog.  He bit me!  No growl or warning.  I hadn’t been paying any attention, and I walked too close to him. Apparently it was a sign that I had no business buying any more yarn and to just forget it!  The dog  just startled me.  I have a small bruise, but that dog should not have been tied on a bike rack.  He snarled at everyone who came by.

Here he is.  I know he doesn’t look too vicious.  I should put a picture of a chihuahua here or something.

David hunted down the owner.  The owner was not apologetic.  He was actually indifferent.  No sense no pain I guess.

The cookies were great.   You can see that Davey enjoyed his.

Despite the dog’s warning, I did buy yarn!  But I want to post about that later.

So we highly recommend a visit to Ft. Collins.  We’ll definitely be going back.

Oh Little Tiny Christmas Tree

Yesterday we put up the tree.  It’s small.  Very small.  I think I’ve mentioned that Timber, our Siberian Husky, thinks that all trees are trees regardless of where they are situated.  So they are all fair game for the raising of his leg. So this tree is above his leg raising capability.  But Davey was so excited about our little tree.  He’s been waiting for me to wrap so he can put more presents underneath it.

Standing proudly by his tree:

Yesterday, David and Davey also went shopping for my birthday.  David told Davey that the presents were surprises, and that he shouldn’t tell me what they were.  This had Davey terribly torn.  He did not like keeping something like this to himself.

Last night he said, “Mommy, your surprise….”  Then he stopped and said, “Whew, that was close.”  I guess he’d stopped himself just in time.

So today, David told Davey he should tell me if he wanted to.  So we were in Ft Collins, and Davey was in his stroller.  I leaned down and Davey whispered to me very seriously, “a purse and a….”   He whispered something else that I didn’t  understand.  After he was done, you could see his relief in having unburdened himself.

This evening he said, “Mommy.  I feel so much better since I told you about your surprise!”  Poor Davey.  It was weighing heavily upon his mind.